Improved HOTAS support - Lateral movement

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  • So, lateral movement when piloting currently requires you to use a shift-key and then your normal flight controls switch into a lateral flight control setup. This is great for keyboard, but when using a HOTAS (such as the x52), it's an amazingly unintuitive and difficult control scheme to use (let's not even touch on how weirdly broken the default x52 bindings are, where flight-pitch somehow ends up mapping to throttle...).

    A great way to make lateral movement easier to use as a pilot would be to add individual button-style commands for translate U/D/L/R/F/B. U/D/L/R would map excellently to a hat, such as the throttle hat or the upper hat on the x52 joystick, and for those of us with HOTAS sets it would make for a way, way easier time controlling vessels.

    Right now, there appears to be no way to incorporate lateral movement into your regular movements, as you can't separate pitch/yaw/roll from translation and then take advantage of both.
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