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  • Sometime around patch 15 the devs made a decision to lower the max level of components across the board. This was done to make the game more challenging and to limit how fast one can steamroll the early game just by having a high chaos level.

    The problem with this fix was that it really kills variation with ship building and farming. I spent countless hours (70+) on patch 14 or 15 with 1 ship, just trying to get those higher level parts and I never even finished maxing my ship. There was always a reason for me to keep playing after I finished all the missions. A few things that were changed were:

    -Processors lowered to max level cap of of 1, except for Cybersecurity up to 7 (would love to see higher levels ones even if they were really rare)
    -Reactor levels seemed to have been lowered except for Overclock Null point Reactors which were left at level 17 (I love having this reactor but it seems like the only viable choice for endgame atm)
    -Shield generator max levels have been slightly lowered
    -Shops only sell items at level 4 max (I miss being excited checking those $ stores, right now there's no reason to check any shop inventory after a certain point)

    It seems like the loot system was reworked, I haven't found a single decent component that's usable while searching planets this patch although it didn't seem like an issue in the past.

    I do understand the devs want to focus on numerous short playthroughs instead of one long one, but i'd love to see this issue addressed in a different way. At the moment the endgame's become really boring for me as no ship is worth taking over or destroying. The only thing worth destroying are shock drones and tbh they're kinda annoying/boring to kill (keep them 8+ km away from you so they cant shoot and shoot for like 10 minutes). No planet is worth a revisit since the components will be so low leveled.

    Some suggestions to tackle this issue would be rebalancing levels of ship components found on enemy ships as your captains EXP level goes up. This would allow them to reintroduce high levels weaponry and processors without worrying about people insta-maxing chaos and steamrolling. High level components could even be added to ships at a very rare rate, this would give us grindy types of gamers a reason to keep playing (the issue of people saving and reloading until they find those parts could be addressed by making a ship's components not change after reloading). The chaos system could probably be altered a bit as well to balance the game/make it more replayable.

    Anyway, I love this game and I'm just looking for any reason to keep playing at the moment as I completed all the missions and got all the max parts in under 25 hours :P so yeah I hope the devs take this post into consideration. Thank you!
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  • Thank you for the feedback! When we lowered the max level of components, we didn’t intend to negatively impact the experience of players who wanted to grind for those higher-level components. Sorry for that. Balancing is something we’ll definitely continue to do, and we’re planning on doing a big balancing pass in the last stage of development. However, with this feedback in consideration, we’ll look into adding some of those high level components in higher chaos, and we’ll definitely boost planet component levels with chaos as well. As far as a reason to keep playing, we’ll be adding more mission progression, possibly mission-related components, and the Lost Colony end game in future updates, which will hopefully help!
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  • That's great to hear! I think the ship to ship combat is such a strong suit of this game and i'm sure a varied and balanced looting system will keep the endgame fun/replayable on it's own, for me at least :D

    Anyway thanks for taking my post into consideration, can't wait to see what you guys put out next!
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