Pilot overhaul needed soon...please

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Ying Seh
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Pilot overhaul needed soon...please

Post by Ying Seh » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:55 pm

Okay, second go at this.
Basically we pilots feel like there is less for us to do then engis after you get a good reactor or that we are generally unnecessary.
Any class can and will just do our job if we are not at our station all the time.
Now there are two sectors that as a pilot I enjoy, even if the rest of the crew just feel like leaving, these sectors are of cause the minefield (my favorite sector in the game) and the hollow astroid with the scrap (we'll come back to that).
So, suggestions: more sectors like the minefield, sectors that you have to be a decent pilot in order to get the most out of, this should not be limited to quiet loot gathering sectors, combat sectors would be way better if there was obstacles to navigate maybe a fight in that minefield would be a good idea as I mentioned before my crew generally just want to warp out of the minefield sectors so having a fight in that sector would be interesting as you avoid hitting mines both with the ship and the weaponry. Would give other classes something to do in these sectors and maybe stop crews like mine from immediately warping out.

Speaking of enemy ships could you make it possible to dodge them? Please. As it is too hard / impossible to do so.

Okay so, another suggestion would be races/ obstacle courses that you can compete in for credits etc.
Not being able to warp through solid objects and my objects in sectors (for the hollow astroid you could just put a entrance/exit in it and space around it to be able to line up.

And a way to make flying first person viable such as
Camara feeds showing the what's behind above below and to the sides also the front incase you get crewmembers shooting up your only viewport this point would work well with the pilot's own chair and the camaras need get damaged so the engi would have to fix them remotely.
If not a chair then some of the ships don't have the control panel model, the one that makes it look less like the pilot is flying with their mind. (I would personally like the chair)
Another way would be a hologram of the ship and surrounding area that the pilot could refer to. You could even make it so only the pilot can use the chair so other classes could just use the default system (and the pilot can take over when they get back from whatever it was that made them leave/let some else take over piloting.) On a related note those who pilot shout out if you do/would like to use first person flying or if you prefer third person, i prefer first though as state above I would like for it to become more viable.

Anyway last thing would be some sort of labyrinth that you have hunt down a pirate or could get hunted by them. Just generally a option for when you are charging warp because the enemy can crush you like a bug you dont have to be a sitting duck trying to avoid near perfect tracking.

Keep up the good work we trust you to get around to the pilot class at some point though it would be nice if that was sooner rather then later.

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Leafy Developer
Leafy Developer
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Re: Pilot overhaul needed soon...please

Post by Edinstein » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:03 pm

We are considering adding sectors with more obstacles for the pilot. We’d need to add new systems for moving debris or combat in sectors with mines, but we might have a way to fit it in our development schedule.

We’ve been planning to implement ship races! The races would likely involve some combat as well, to give other crewmembers tasks to perform while the race is underway. Obstacles and races would probably be worked on around the same time, but we can’t guarantee when that will be.

There is a labyrinth puzzle-like sector in the game currently!

We might consider locking pilot talent bonuses to the pilot only, which would hopefully give crews more incentive to let pilots do their job and stop taking their station. We’ll discuss it among the team, but we can’t make any promises on it right now.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t add more to first person piloting since there’s something of a trade-off between the two views. 3rd person piloting is essentially like the pilot ‘plugging in’. Pilots get an abnormal view of the outside but are not aware of their surroundings inside the ship. 1st person provides more awareness inside the ship, but inhibits viewing range.

Dodging enemies should currently be possible. Keeping a good distance from the enemy ship makes it more difficult for the AI enemies to hit, and investing in good thrusters can greatly boost a pilot’s maneuverability. Dodging is also easier on smaller ships like the Outrider. The Roland and Destroyer are meant to absorb more hits than dodge them. Some weapons are also easier to dodge than others. Lasers are meant to be very precise, whereas missiles and turrets have a better chance of being avoided in piloting, especially with more erratic flight patterns. In any case, we intend to do a large balancing pass towards the end of development, so perhaps this is something we’ll take a closer look at during that time.

Thanks for the suggestions, hope this helps!

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