Make a better trailer, add pets, medals and mining

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  • TLDR: - make a better trailer that reflects how awesome this game is (even without VR)
    - give the game access to steam overlay so it`s easier to add friends
    - add a campaign story (including hard boss fights)
    - add expensive rare pets for purchase, maybe even slaves (it adds a goal for late-game)
    - add medals and badges for the captain to hand out to the crew for certain achievements (helps roleplay and late game motivation)
    - add lounge actions to facilitate roleplay
    - add mining (pilot should land on asteroids, drilling deep into asteroids, add mining lasers, add mining tools to mine mountains on planets when the crew beams down)
    - add pulsars, because it is in the name of this game (You can have a look at Frontier Elite pulsars, they are excellent and there is no need to invent the wheel twice. While at it, use the same
    mechanism to get missions on stations that they use by adding a comm channel for easier mission access)


    1) The trailer should be more exciting. I suggest to show a ship to ship combat from the view of each crew member:
    A) The scientist reports that sensors picked up a ship in the sector, possibly easy prey
    B) The captain orders to open comms, detected ship refuses to communicate and opens fire
    C) Captain orders everyone on battle stations, evasive maneuvers and to return fire
    D) The ship is taking damage. Pilot tries to evade missiles and lasers
    E) The Engineer is having trouble to cool down the reactor, desperately injecting coolant and using his fire extinguisher while giving a damage report stating that systems have taken major damage.
    F) Scientist reports a virus attack on the ships computer, meanwhile screens shut down
    G) The captain asks why the weapons are not firing anymore
    H) The weapon specialist screams that the weapons are down and there are intruders on board, they are heading for the bridge, also there is a major fire in the engine room
    I) Captain has to get off his chair, take out his pistol and kill two of the intruders. He orders to align the ship and jump out
    J) The pilot declines the order, stating that the designated sector is behind the ship and evasive maneuvers make it impossible to align correctly
    L) The captain warns everyone to prepare for blind jump, activates the blind jump and the ship twirls into hyperspace while the screens are sparkling and the ship escapes with 10% HP

    I didn`t come up with this out of nowhere, this just happened during a game yesterday and it is what makes this nice game such a special experience. The trailer should reflect that.

    2) We want pets. Expensive rare pets: cuddly fluffy things, giant ants (that everyone including me identifies as spiders), giant killer bees. Also add slave dancers for the lounge, there is a demand. Those additions should be cosmetic only and very very expensive, so they are not easy to come by and add a goal to achieve during later stages of the game. In order to not unbalance the game, the pets should just follow the player on planets and deal only very little damage or no damage at all. There should be an option for the captain to disallow pets on the bridge and restrict them to stations, the lounge or cargo bay.

    3) Add things to do in the lounge that are just there for roleplay, e.g. putting drinks and food on the table and being able to consume it, letting pets roam around or dance, playing card games with betting credits

    4) Add medals and badges for achievements, some hard to come by and adding a late game goal. They should appear in the captains locker and must be handed out by him personally. This will help with roleplay. The badges should be class-specific, e.g. the captain gets them for a number of completed missions, the weapon specialist for killing enemies in hand to hand combat and a certain number of destroyed ships, the scientist for completed research and found research materials, the engi for repairs and cooling the reactor, the pilot for flying into repair depots and evading incoming fire. The medals and badges should have cosmetic value only and should not interfere with balance.
    You may wanna add salutation animations for this occasion, too.

    The game is really good and I am happy to see it evolve.
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  • With all due respect, good sir, but adding the same lame streamlined incentives that are so shamefully overused in the game industry atm will not improve the game. For me it draws its charm from being no generic MMORPG, but something different. It can and should evolve further. But not by conceding to mainstream and abandoning the whole original game concept. It has to develop the things further that make Pulsar the cool game it is now.
    I do not want fluffy pets that follow every crew member around. I do not want slave dancers (what the hell...? This is all kinds of wrong!) to pander to people with "demand" for such a thing.

    I do agree though with more roleplay encouraging content.
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  • Alright, no pets and dancers. It might get people offended. There should be something to do with large amounts of cash in the late game. At the very least we should be able to smuggle goods. Smuggling is fun and in order to stay politically correct and avoid offending the millenials who never visited a strip club, you can ban goods that would otherwise be legal, for example make the perfect biscuit illegal in C.U. space. Maybe the biscuit running gag should not be overused. I agree that the Star Trek feeling must stay, it is what makes this game great. The cloaking device and money drain virus were excellent ideas that offer Ferengi-style gameplay. We have tons of fun with that ship. Stay clear of Sundust, kids!
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  • This is not about political correctness or millennials. Not even only about the kids that play the game. Remember, this would not be a consensual (even if precarious and problematic) business arrangement like in a strip club, but the casual and uncritical depiction of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse as a reward for successful players. Those two things are in no way the same and one does not need to be particularly sensitive to come to the "this is all kinds of wrong" conclusion.

    Anyhow, more trading (legal and illegal) would be indeed nice. The neutral ships (if unflagged) travel as traders. WD Corp is like a Shadowrun corp, more like it's own nation, but it still is a corp and should theoretically trade its products. The cookie trading mechanics could be used. Buy crates of laser collimators at WD, sell them at CU. Something like that. Would add credibility and depth to the game world.

    As to "what to do with large amounts of credits"... I think it would be nice to be able to invest it into something that changes the game world. After possible ship customizations and all that is done, it is nice to have some larger impact. Donate for the reconstruction of Outpost 448 or something. Self-efficacy is a very strong incentive. As a non-MMO game Pulsar can do that. MMOs can not let their thousands of users shape the world, thus they have this pet and rare items craziness to let the vanity and greed incentives never end. Considering that the competition incentive cannot really be applied to a one-crew game, this "world shaping" could pick up as an incentive when looting, levelling, missions, gearing up and exploring are done. Because the joy of teamwork alone fades when there is no goal to work towards to together.
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  • How about hiring the dancers and exotic animals for a limited amount of jumps into your lounge? Then it is consentual, money draining and not "all kinds of wrong" anymore, as you will pay for entertainment and make someone extremely rich. I suggest 500.00 Credits for 5 jumps. You could also add mining engineers that mine asteroids and planet surface resources for a fee and for a limited amount of jumps, although it would be more fun for the crew to mine themselves. It is nothing the game really needs, it was just a suggestion to solve the infinite amounts of credits assembly. If it cannot be implemented easily, I would focus on other tasks for now.

    I think the medals would add something good to the game, as it would help with roleplay. As a captain, I would hand them out before the player is about to leave, to dismiss him from his service with a promotion, or after tough battles. I usually just say "Thank you for your service, you were an excellent officer and I will suggest a promotion to HQ. You are dismissed for now. Crew salute! (optional)" It would be great if I could actually hand out badges and medals.
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  • The devs are already working on the campaign story (The Lost Colony), and they've said they may add some *very* limited lounge activities and ship customization. Mining and trading are frequently requested by some members of the community, but the devs generally haven't shown interest in adding them. They seem to be focusing on adding variety and depth to combat and exploration, which I personally think is a great idea.

    As for the "late game" content like expensive slave ladies and world-shaping, that probably isn't going to happen. When it's fully released, Pulsar is going to focus on doing multiple runs of the main campaign with different ships/crews/playstyles, with each run lasting just a few gaming sessions. If you're flying around at Chaos 6 with a maxed-out ship and hundreds of thousands of credits in the bank, you're operating outside of the intended scope of the game. If you enjoy doing that, more power to you, but just know that the devs aren't going to add content or make balance changes based on that playstyle.

    The trailer is a great idea. Hopefully they'll add something like that for the full release.
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  • Ok sounds good. Hopefully they will finish the campaign soon. The missions where you search abandoned ships that you can power on and then even salvage are very atmospheric and it would be awesome to see some more added.
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  • @orange: Not ALL kinds of wrong anymore, but still enough kinds of wrong.
    @Snuggles: I just think the game should take advantage of this multi-run concept in offering ways to have different impacts on the game world, since this is a nice incentive to have in games. A big goal to work towards to, like 5k biscuits without biscuits. Maybe the lost colony mission line will offer this. Also, during/after 2nd session IS late game. I would like to see some "lasting" impact during those sessions. "Collect YXZ credits/other things for the purpose of ABC" as an optional side goal with impact on the game world would not interfere with the concept of multiple short runs. Just offers an additional challenge to experienced players during the average 3 sessions per run. Like I said, late-game as in "towards the end of the 2nd session" and not as in "play one save for a month to hoard billions of credits to be able to buy sex slaves".
    Point is, the game as it is fizzles out when the missions are done. It should have a satisfying potential ending point like re-establishing/saving/destroying/??? the lost colony or achieving some big feat like the fluffy crew does with their 5k goal. It can also be timed. Like the biscuits. Means you have to be good to have enough spare money at the end of XYZ jumps and yet have your ship and crew also properly upgraded to be able to survive the things yet to come.
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  • As CptSnuggles mentioned, we do have plans for the main campaign storyline, which will be the Lost Colony. Mining and trading would be fantastic, but it’s a little beyond the scope of the game for us.

    1) There’s a good chance that we’ll update the trailer for Beta 18. We can’t guarantee that the trailer will accurately convey an experience like you described, as PULSAR can be a tricky game to show off apart from videos of playthroughs. But we’ll see what we can do!

    2) We’ve considered adding the small robot from the CU hub as a pet, mainly as an addition to the ship lounge. We might look into it if/when we get around to adding more activities to the lounge. A full on pet system, however, is probably not going to be implemented. Sorry, there won’t be any dancers, hirable or otherwise.

    3) We have plans to add more activities to the lounge, and hopefully more animations to facilitate roleplay!

    4) We might be adding unlockable cosmetic options based on completing certain achievements within the game, like finishing a faction mission line could unlock higher-ranking uniforms. We can’t guarantee that a cosmetic badge will be linked to the captain’s discretion, but we would really like to add a saluting animation!

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game, and thanks for the feedback!

    @Rama: The endgame of the Lost Colony will most likely have galaxy-shaping implications.
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