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Post by Rama » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:07 pm


This is my personal assorted wish list. Lots of things I hoped and wished for already happened (or may happen soon), so it is hopefully not too long.

- I would love some alien species for Star Trek feeling. But if the project is headed a different way (no known intelligent lifeforms aside of humans and AI) it is fine too. Well, and aside the big jelly at the burrow. And the Ancient Alien Ghosts.
- This brings me to my second wish, to see the birth of a robot faction. They already have a headquarter in the the Estate Science room. I would really love to do missions for them or to even play as a robot crew member. Like the adorably loyal robot near the Roland crash site. Maybe there is a secret network of robots already that crave for freedom? Could we deliver messages? Free captured renegades? Maybe the medical supply bandits actually were freedom fighters! We need to know!
- It would be neat if the science search data would also display if a sector was visited before. Visited by this ship: Yes/No
- More diverse planet types and ecosystems. Some non-enemy creatures. More cool alien creatures and plants. Many planets sadly are still very empty.
- Longer despawn time of enemy corpses, especially on planets. The "Blink, gone!" breaks the immersion (at least mine).
- More research options (not materials!) on planets.
- Please fix the scanner bugs soon! They confuse new players very much. Falsely displayed loot or NPCs way too often cause desperate searches.
- Atm there is an increasing problem for me with random damage. Sometimes I get damage just standing on the bridge. Often I die from teleportation or respawning due to radiation damage. Sometimes I even fall through the map in that process. It would be great if this could be fixed at some point.
- Same goes for the "invisible crew" glitch, where nobody can see the newly joined person and vice versa. It can only be fixed if the host reloads.
- Clarification. Are the two guys in suits on the mine mountain you?
- More of the cool questlines. I also would love to see the big yellow brain-jelly at the burrow be involved in one. It and its kind are mysterious. Likely from another dimension. But why is only Big Jelly able or willing to communicate? Will we ever know?
- No personalisation frenzy. No trade-able ultra-rare raptor mounts, no neon-dyed googly-eyed pet abominations. No impossible anime hairdos. But so far I do not have the feeling that this is a threat that looms in the future.
- More about the Ancient Aliens! Maybe something to do with their artefacts. For now you can only keep them in your locker or sell them for very little money (and yes, hand one in for a mission). It would be so nifty if one could trade those collected artefacts for snippets of Warger's knowledge about this species that preceded us in that galaxy. There should be some more artefacts then, e.g. on the Kilnseed planet in the ancient starship. It was so disappointing that it was empty... The found and delivered artefacts could fill a museum...

That's it! I hope some of it is close enough to the projects scope to be possible.

Live long and prosper \\//_

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Re: Wishlist

Post by Mr. Morague » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:16 am

1. ///SPOILERS/// Also the [Sylvassi?] responsible for almost wiping out the human race...and then thrusting them into an age of tech advancement, though I don't believe you see them in game yet.
2. ///SPOILERS/// Signs point to the Polytechnic Federation being a faction based solely around robots and maybe aliens, though no confirmation.
3. Ok.
4. Ok.
5. Ok.
6. I would like a bit of explanation from this. Do you mean something like rare computers giving out portions of a certain research? I think that could be interesting.
7. Ok.
8. Ok.
9. Ok.
10. I'm unsure what this is referring to.
11. Ok.
12. Ok.
13. I've heard from the grapevines that eventually we may be getting pre-CU ships with unique play styles.
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Re: Wishlist

Post by Rama » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:30 am

1. Unless they are the Coffin Guys, that is.
2. Yes, there are signs. I just hope they don't decieve!
6. More research options like... scan (dead)creatures. Scan ruins. Stuff like that. So much in this galaxy that I want to research aside of rare chemical compounds.
10. 4th wall breaking NPCs hidden on a mountain. Their comments are a bit enigmatic.
13. Sounds nice. Hopefully with background story! I crave for the story.

+ new thing: I want mines to have an explosion radius when shot at. Especially with the tractor beam now. Else they pose no threat at all.

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Re: Wishlist

Post by Edinstein » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:00 pm

Thank you for the suggestions! Here are some thoughts:

We would like to add more alien creatures on planets, as well as strange phenomena players could encounter in the galaxy. The Sylvassi in particular are on our agenda. We intend to populate the galaxy with Sylvassi NPCs, as well as make them a playable race in the near future.

We have plans for robots in PULSAR. ;)

We’d certainly like to do another pass on the planets and add more to them. It’s something we think would improve the experience of the game. At this moment, it’s not terribly high on our list of priorities, but we’ll try our best to improve them before the final release.

Research will likely be limited to research materials, since other research options would require another research system to be implemented. In Beta 17, we added probe spots on space objects, which should provide more opportunities for collecting experience and research materials. Hopefully this helps to some degree!

The scanner bug might be the result of the scanner displaying NPCs and items in the entire level, even if they’re located in interior spaces, like inside a base on a planet. We’ve brought it up among the team. For now, if you see pickups or NPCs on your scanner and find nothing, try checking for an interior. If you notice this isn’t the case, please do the following:

If you encounter any bugs, please post a description of the problem in the Bug Reporting Section of the forum or email us, and include an output log. Instructions can be found here: http://www.pulsarthegame.com/sending-an ... -log-file/
Thank you!

The two guys in suits are not us! They’re actually written by the third member of our team, our writer. And they aren’t just located on that mountain…

We have more plans for mission lines. We’ll likely be switching our focus to the mission lines of the main factions as we implement the Lost Colony content, but we hope to get more side missions in. It would be great to have a mission that’s given by the yellow jelly creature in the Burrow that involves its kind, and we’ve had some ideas for content involving the ancient civilization. But those things have unfortunately been pushed to the backburner for now. We’ll see!

Hope this helps. Thank you again for the feedback!

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