Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

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Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Rosarium » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:38 pm

As the picture describe:

a local sector with ship position(blue) points of interest(magenta), Infection spreads/dangers(red), planets and asteroid fields/nebulas.

here the consequence:
-Limit the teletransport range (adding modules to improve the efficiency of it)
-Local travels and inner trade routes
-Acornsoft ELITE 1984 local travel style like.
-hide and seek games / ambush / patrol / intercept / racing
-small 1/2 person pods (able to operate independently) as science, fight, exploration (engineer one with a more range), repair, gather. Pods use fuels cells and act as long range EVA.
-ships speeds relative (as manual and auto do now)
-restricted area zones
-fake relative gravitation force to maintain stable the ship.(as black holes do now).
-space racing!

once on captain chair a local tactical map (2D) appear.
allow crew to operate Pods.

seek local point of interests and dangers.
analyze gravitation force.
keep contact/signals with pods.

stabilize ship to gravitation force.
improve/maintain pods
remote control pods.

Weapon specialist:

local route are all manual piloted (something like a controlled warp jump but with the risk to crash into an asteroid at 10k m/s or to stop the ship 100k far from the target).
can trace local routes.
can trace ships.

-respawns needs organic materials
-a space NewsPaper with journalist all around the galaxy.
-gravitation influence the reactor and limit/improve the capabilities of the ships. (So some planets can be deadly to inadeguate ships)
-beeing borded.
-have a bounty on your own ship too.

-Players2Players REPUTATION (with medals and badges or infame trophies)

Mr. Morague
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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Mr. Morague » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:40 pm

1. Creating a system as potentially memory-instensive as that is unlikely, as it would require significantly more resources to convert all existing and new ones to conform to these rules, along with the fact that some computer systems may not be able to handle them as well.

2. I wouldn't really see a use for this. If a crew is out of range of another teleporter, they could just easily fly closer to the target. The only situation I could see this being useful is if the teleported is out of range and in a place the ship can't fly to.

3. For local trade routes to work, there'd have to be interplanetary teleport stations, editing of data between systems and planets without heavily taxing player experience, and ways for players to track ships through warp. A. Because logically traders between two planets would just use teleporters with your range system instead of docking their ships. B. Because if any actual trade is to happen, data would have to be transferred between systems where there are no players, which could massively hurt the player experience. C. Because ships can just warp as soon as they get their cargo onboard without having to travel towards the edge of the system or whatnot.

4. No frame of reference for me. Personally, the ship piloting currently is just fine, though auto mode is somewhat cumbersome.

5. For 3/5 of those options players would need a way to track patrol ships if they want to follow them without needing a quest to give them the information, which leads back to similar reasons why I think #3 will be problematic.

6. There was a thread similar to this a bit back, and I think current probes are the best option of the three.

7. Ok.

8. Might be a bit hard to define in space, warning message from the controlling faction might be a good precaution.

9. I'm unsure as to what you mean with this.

10. I don't want this personally.

11. Meh.

12. Meh.

13. Meh.

14. N/A.

15. I'm not sure I understand.

16. No.

17. Meh.

18. We already can be boarded, it's just rare-ish. At least for me, but then again I typically unclaim their ship and finish them off.

19. That's already present. To do this, either have a ~-5 reputation with a faction or get your ship flagged via having contraband during an inspection or swapping ships without blocking long range comms.

20. I'm not sure I understand.

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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Rosarium » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:30 pm

thanks for the attention mate,

i'll try to explain myself better, and expose the source of those ideas.

i understad the problem to tax the player experience, but, as it is, Pulsar have a repetitive and linear mission gameplay. Excluding the 1996 mesh quality (no offence to 1996 games) i think this is the main problem about the real unBOOM! of the game.

Everytime i start a game i have to do always the same missions. this do not tax players, this bore gamers experience to hell. the problem will not solve adding 1 billion of pre-made missions. I'm sure that Pulsar must have a main storyline, and i'm sure it will be an amazing one, but the game do not embrace players curiosity and this is bad.

Entering in a sector is more than often nothing more than entering in another sector. I'd love to say to my crew, let's explore the system! or burn engine to that moon! or let's see if something happen if we take that way! or find me a place where we can hide from those bounty hunters while our computer is calculating the next warp.

i've understood the way Devs are planning the gameplay, but it makes me feel forced to follow rails, and there are no options to freedom. Looks like everything is under control. And without it the game seems dead.

Do not miss my target that is to drastically improve the game experience, said so i'll reply to your comments:

1) A local system is not memory intensive if done properly and Pulsar have already the possibility to implement that without being bald.
2) teleports shuold have contro measures like distortions or be impossible on certain events or environments. So if i'm orbiting planet "A" i should not be able to teleport to planet "b" from the same point.
3) your answer do not fit with the game. Why Fluffy have deliveries? open your mind to new ideas! (i love Fluffy!!!!)
4) maybe you are too young, but there is an amazing past in videogame industry.
5) trade routes are more common trails to enhance an encounter of some kind in local maps. Nothing more than that.
6) if you refer to pods, will be great to see your crew drifting around your ship, or enter in really small hole hemmental asteroids where any ship is too big to enter.
7) restricted areas will take a distance from a certain point. how they react is up to whatever you want to do that.

Mr. Morague
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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Mr. Morague » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:04 pm

1. When I refer to memory intensive, I mean it will take up more memory overall, which could negatively affect those who are barely able to play the game as is. Undoubtedly, having each system contain multiple stellar bodies, having those stellar bodies being at least partially able to interact with the ship under certain conditions (like flying too close to a star), and having multiple exploration areas within a system will consume quite a bit more memory (and use up more processing power).

2. I agree, I'm just saying that there shouldn't be components just to extend teleported range. Maybe some other bonus coupled to it, just not only range extension.

3. My explanation for the FBC biscuit race is that the only thing that actually changes are the Sector Interest and the Scoreboard. No actual sector data is loaded from FB ships, only the Player ship. This, however, is speculation from having never seen a Fluffy Biscuit One other than being a player.

5. Yes, but if there are interstellar trade routes, you'd need a way to track them if you want to ambush them. And Interplanetary trade routes would likely be countered by both participants using their ship teleporters to transfer the cargo.

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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Edinstein » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:41 pm

This is impressive, but unfortunately it's a little beyond the scope of the game for us. The way our sectors are set up, they're usually limited to one point of interest (planet, space object, station, etc.). Open explorable sectors like this would be fascinating, but it would require a massive overhaul of the game's systems that likely isn't possible for us. We're a very small team, and small sectors are more manageable for us development-wise.

A couple other thoughts:

We try to emulate restricted areas through faction sectors on the starmap. That's probably the direction we'll stay in for those.

We do have plans for some ship races. They will be events found in a couple particular sectors. Around the time we develop these, we might add more pilot obstacles like moving asteroids, as well.

We have a few space magazine props called 'Galactic Science' that can be found on planets and stations, and a journalist NPC at the Colonial Union hub. You can't find Galactic Science journalists all across the galaxy, but there are a few mentions of it scattered across the game!

We'd like to improve missions, as we know they can be repetitive right now. As you mentioned, yes, we are planning on adding the main Lost Colony storyline, which will hopefully give players more of a goal and multiple choices on how to achieve it.

Fluffy Biscuit ships are currently the only ships that do actually warp to different sectors. Technically, you could hunt down any of the ships listed on the Fluffy Biscuit scoreboard. It's a system we 'might' apply to other ships in the galaxy, though it comes with its own bag of problems we'd have to tackle. Being able to track ships is something we've considered before in relation to this, and ships having routes would be interesting. Unfortunately, they're big systems that we never originally intended to add to the game. As we're trying to wrap up our features and move to end-game content and polish, it might not be a road we go down.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Rosarium » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:33 pm

Thanks for the attention Edinstein. And congrats to you and the team for the product you are rising up! apart my criticism you are making a UNIQUE atmosphere!!!!!!

I'm really exited to have other ships warping around and i'm pretty sure that will lead to a new gameplay (bounty hunting, interceptions, ambush) and i'm pretty sure you'll add some tracking system.

i have to tell you that Fluffy is simply genial! selling biscuits is too fun!

well about moving asteroids will be super cool! and it is the best solution!

Races in game! wow!

...we will be able to drop items? (some ships have empty spaces that will be cool to personalize)

Mr. Morague
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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Mr. Morague » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:10 pm

Droppings items is already implemented. Pressing discard should do the trick, though I'd recommend doing it on your ship.

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Re: Local&Global Tactical maps and more!

Post by Edinstein » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:57 pm

Thank you for the kind words! As Mr. Morague mentioned, it is possible to drop items by discarding them in your inventory menu, though dropping on tables and shelves for customization is currently not an option. We probably won't add it, but we'll keep it in mind when we do a polish pass on the game!

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