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Random additions that could change the game a bit

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:24 pm
by Loupyboy
As the long title suggest, those are small (or big) additions that could change how the game feels/plays drastically.
For now, it's pretty good already, gameplay-whise and roleplay-whise.
I know some of those may have been already requested but let me know if you want me to remove already requested content from the list ^^

-Killable NPCs (without permadeath and with ability to prevent it from the server menu, random loot, actually useful policemen, etc)

Yeah... NPCs that can't be killed really do bother peoples. Plus it would create a new opportunity to lose rep. and gain loot!

-Random NPC dialogues and actions (for example, an NPC could ask for an item you may have, and giving it to him may increase your rep.):

This kind of small gameplay elements really helps a lot building a feeling of immersion in games (for example in Animal Crossing). And immersion is important in roleplay simulations :D

-Stealth stealing (you can exhort credits from crews, salvage from ships, but not steal from NPCs? Could be useful to obtain new items or random junk, using a new stat)

Same as for the killable NPCs. Could be an alternative.

-Store hold-ups, decreasing rep. and giving random credits based on reputation (kinda like Fluffy Biscuit selling tools but with guns)

This one is more like a new minigame for gentlemen (working a lot like the FBF's gameplay).

-Item re-spawn (maybe in an easy mode if planned) and generally more items (even useless junk if fun to collect)

Yeah! If it's not too much optimization work, it would be cool to loot around all those bottles, those cute bots, the pillows... If that's too much trouble, maybe adding more items to HUBs would be good enough?

-More (steal-able?) ship items on planets and in hubs (maybe stealing some would decrease rep. and/or spawn a few enemies?)

Same as before: it's frustrating to see potentially great components being stuck on the ground... It breaks the immersion a lot :(

-Physics for dropped items (it'd be cool to stack-up food onto the tables)

Easy to add, fun to play with...

-More quests with dialogues and most importantly choices

Making dialogue-heavy quests may be far beyond the scope of the project (I mean, it's not really about space crew coop there) but it could be good if you have spare time, post-release.

-Better CQC (use vectors instead of colliders: enemies shouldn't be hitting from behind a wall)

Yeah, it often happens that a spider or a slime hit people through walls and stuff and it's... Not immersive. At all. It may even be considered as a bug or a glitch.

-Better space-trading (I mean, it was cool in Elite and could fit the game well)

It may conflict with the actual trading system if done wrong tho, so it may only work with neutral systems... An "offer and demand" system would be really cool still.

-Procedural quests and more quest types (again, think Elite with passenger jobs, courier jobs, etc. For now we already have fight jobs but it gets redundant)

It's a bit like the random NPCs interaction moments. Think about it: having a friendly NPC onboard with the crew, actually using the spare chairs could be neat!

-Buyable robots (to replace Bots in a more lore-friendly way, or only in IronMan mode)

Only add a Bot if you have a robot in your inventory! Harder solo mode!

-Better character customization (beard independent from hair or small things like that)

I don't have anything else to say about it. It's pretty boring to slice-up 3D parts and model new ones...

-More containers (or maybe locked containers for crew members)

It's more about roleplay here... Thing is, it may be hard to do depending on how your game is setup.

-Quests that decrease rep. for one faction

I think that technically, there are a few, but it's mostly space-based stuff...

-Cooking in the C.U. Battleship

Or in any kitchen. Also, using toilets (add a woosh sound please) and showers could be cool.

-Escort missions (for example we'd need to escort a carrier)

Yeah, get some use to those W.D. vessels!

-Ability to rent an escort (another ship to help fight Gentlemen for example)

Again, maybe W.D. C.U. ships could be rented to help you?

-More systems with empty/destroyed ships

So that we can scavenge them with our carrier!

-Weaponless ships (civilian?) that could be claimed (could have room for new weapons)

I mean, isn't the Stargazer supposed to be a civilian ship at first? Non-A.O.G versions could be cool (not available at game's start?)

-Loot and quest items go into hidden stash first

What if you're looting some stolen supplies, but the next thing you've got is a cargo check? From what I recall, stuff you loot goes to the first spare space available, a.k.a. not the hidden stash.

Here. I hope that most of it is simple enough to find it's way into the final game. It's already really great as is, but it have such potential! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Re: Random additions that could change the game a bit

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:59 pm
by Edinstein
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

One thing, I’m not sure what you mean about the character customization options. Facial hair should already be independent from head hair.

The Outrider is a Colonial Union research vessel. It doesn’t start with basic turrets but still comes equipped with a larger mega turret.

I’m happy to let you know that we already have a few of these things planned like a playable Civilian Ship, more abandoned ship sectors, and less restrictions on moving cargo. The next update should also include a lounge activity which is sort of similar to a few of the suggestions you made!

Thanks again!

Re: Random additions that could change the game a bit

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:52 pm
by Loupyboy
Thanks for the quick reply, Edinstein!

For the character customization, it was more about adding more content (I know it was a bit confuse).
Also, I meant to say Stargazer but switched names with another ship xD It should be edited now.

It's neat to see that one of the most requested feature will soon be implemented (lounge activity)! Keep up the good work guys, your game is really gonna be GOTY when it's finished!

Re: Random additions that could change the game a bit

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:50 am
by Edinstein
Thanks for the clarification.

We are planning on having more customization options for players to unlock too!

Thanks for the kind words! :)