Lots of suggestions

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Lots of suggestions

Post by Alaric » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:38 pm

- More immersion on the ship and stations with clutter and decals. Small details like coffee mugs next to engineers station, flush toilet, more small wires on the wall, turn small lamps on/off, blinking lights in machinery, newsvideo channel showing random news in text (could, at times, give hidden missions), see small rat running to inside bulkheads (possible in-ship mission with rodent/bug infestation), future movie posters in crew quarters, few non-interacting npc-crew members doing menial jobs (would only cower and hide when in danger, not to disturb balance), more hallway markers on the walls like at which floor you are in and "Danger, Power Conduits", rust on the bulkheads increasing towards the lower the decks (low/middle quality ships), see-though grates and grills with stuff behind them, valves in engine room (when damaged, they vent steam), Drinking Bird-toy for that little extra nod to Alien-movies, etc. Some of the ships could seem more gritty and low-techie style, especially those captured from bandits: more pipes, valves with steam leaking, smudges, dirt and cracks in windows... Also, we would really like if there would be less reflective surfaces on some the ships. Few selected matt textures would go a long way decreasing that plastic-look.

- Smaller ship interiors. At present, ships look like cathedrals. Huge headspace and big empty rooms. Seems especially wastefull when that space is not populated by anything. Purely decorative machines and engines would make more sense. Space in space is a luxury! ;D Most likely too late in the project but perhaps keeping in mind in the future.

- Slower space fights. I tend to think that space fights should more prominent, more epic. Not just some random shoot-out that is either won or lost in couple of minutes. Of course, if the enemy ships are waaay more powerfull then it shouldn't last long, naturally. Also, battles should won by not just tanking but more by tactics and exploiting weaknesses like downed shields. All these require slower pace to better employ tactics and communication between crew members.

- Docking to stations instead of always just using teleporting. Game mechanics wouldn't prob allow seamless transition but opening "airlock" while docked would teleport player to the stations docking area. Add that and guiding lights to docking and repair bays and you got much more immersion. Think of Elite - Dangerous but toned down.
Procedure: Science asks station which docking bay is free. Relates this to Captain (or to the Pilot if playing casually) and Captain tells Pilot about where to go and Pilot flies to the correct docking bay. Instant immersion boost!

- Random events like damage to reactor could cause runaway reaction that crew have to repair before meltdown. Using repair tool on several access panels could repair the damage and prevent explosion. Would require slower ship combat speeds.

- Gunners in turrets could have a simple fireframe overlay to display sections of the shields or systems. Someone suggested giving zoom-ability to gunners. Maybe only showing the wireframe while in zoomed mode, giving ability to more precise shots into wanted sections. Unzoomed mode would have the benefit of faster and easier snapshots into faster ships. Scientist could see the satus of the enemys shields with scanning and relay the info of the most damaged shield sections so Gunner can target more efficiently.

- Hull damage. If hull is punctured after heavy damage, it's going to vent air out, so volunteer must use enviromental suit to access room where the puncture is and repair it. If in non-essential room, it could just be sealed. In case of fire, Engineers Station could have an extra screen with simple ship layout and could remotely vacate air out of the room to put out fire. Granted, devs have said they dislike adding more screens to the game but... Repairs would still have to be made on location. If enough damage is taken (or not much but crit damage), this console could be offline so manual only repair/fire suppressing would be required. This would add extra layer of what could be a damage control. Venting air out of room could be used as a weapon against invading enemies. But, this requires slower combat speed. ATM, this would be impossible as most fights are won or lost in minute or two.
Propably too large to implement but throwing the idea out.

- More visual damage while in near destruction: cracked glass, fires, sparks, lights flickering and going out, explosion revealing wires, pipes and conduits... Would love the atmosphere of surviving battle with nearly destroyed ship, bringing it back to live and then limping the creaking and banging ship to repair station. There could be reoccurring fires and faults beneath some hitpoint threshold that requires constant attention from crew until reaching repair station, giving more feel for a really beat up ship.

- Chairs for player characters to sit while manning a station. Computer screens would be smaller without sitting in front of the screen. At present, they are quite large. They could be used in haste without sitting (ie. emergency) but it would be harder to locate buttons. Players would be more stationary, instead of hopping and running like crazy all over the ship. Again, would slower combat speed.

- Possibility to drop out of warp between systems (instances). There have been numerous times where after hasty escape it would have been nice to repair and take toll on the damage before entering next system, possibly with more hostile ships. For balance, used fuel could be lost making it more costly but giving more options for crew.

- Ship doors with access panels beside them. If locked would require simple box saying "hacking/bypass/destroy" with timer to make them open. Scientist, Engineer and W.Specialist could have extra skills for these to make it faster. In green/yellow alert, they would just act normally.

- Depending on the skill of the Engineer and little RNG, warp-out location is slightly randomized and farther than current fixed drop-offs. Fixed point warp-outs give a feel ... well, fixed. There is and should always be some randomness in everything and so it would add to feel of largness when returning to space ports when you are not dropped in same fixed point.

- When arriving into planet orbit, it would be nice if the planet rotated (or ship and planet turn together, space moving in the background). Would be less static feel when arriving to planet and watching the scenery. Not anything insane but small feel of speed would be nice.

- Quest Critical talks should only be able to activate with Captain. Isn't that the way it's should be anyways? He has the skills for Negotiating and stuff so why should anyone else be able to do the talking. When someone else tries to talk Station Director he would ask to speak with the Captain first. Of course, random side quests could be acquired by any crew member.

- More lighter UI. All the menus and computer screens are based on black which produce high contrast. I feel like lighter colour scheme would make the game feel less dark, gloomy and depressing (perhaps that is a bit too strong word). Perhaps it suits the Carriers feel of low tech cargo hauler but hi-techies should have more lighter, modern or sci-fi, feel on the menus. Or add menu option into the Captains Chair-Monitor(TM) to choose from few different colours like light cyan, light beige, white or if crew is going full klingon, red! :D

- Overclocking (via slider) ship components, ranging up to 120% or such. Anything over the 100% would increase performace for awhile but will start damaging component and will decrease performace after overclocking: engine speed, shield emitters, weapons, etc. These would have to be repaired at the repair station or space station. Classic trope is the Enterprise Captain asking Chief Engineer for more power and he/she responding that they are "already over the maximum recommended limit". Would increase suspense and flexibility in tight spots where that extra is really needed, despite the risk to the ship or cost in repairs.

- It would be awesome if many of the game options would be selectable, either via game menu or ini-file. So the game hoster could tweak the game as he sees fit and if he really dislikes some option he could disable it or vice versa. If he creates short and overly easy game, perhaps that's the way he and his crew rolls. Who am i to judge. At the opposite end, maybe the crew lacks challenge and wants strict options with epic length and they really struggle with surviving but still enjoy the challenge. Either way, players would have experience they enjoy. Crude "Easy, Normal, Hard" slider in the start works but i think it would be better leave the detailed options to the players.

Disclaimer: Length of this list is not critique about how much is lacking, but a list of things that will make this game even more better :) I'm just telling what our crew feels about what things would be great additions to the game. Many of these have been suggested already but, although i have read some of the posts, i haven't read every post.
Please don't mind the grammar, english is not my native language so have mercy!

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Re: Lots of suggestions

Post by Edinstein » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:09 pm

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

A few of my thoughts:

- Having more interactions within the ship would be great, unfortunately it’s not a high-priority right now since we’re in the middle of making end-game content, but in Beta 20 we did manage to add a lounge mini-game and we’ve done an additional pass on a few of the ship lounges, adding more clutter and making them feel more lived in.

-Speed of combat is certainly something that continually changes as we make tweaks and balance numbers. We have a few ideas we’re hoping to implement that should hopefully make the pace more agreeable but those might arrive when we do more balance passes. After release we’re planning on having a galaxy customizer, which should hopefully allow players to adjust global parameters like damage and armor, essentially giving them tools to change how fights feel. Please keep in mind the galaxy customizer is not coming for a while so we can’t guarantee any specifics though.

-Shield sections were something we’ve talked about even before designing the first ship for the game. Due to their size, how fast ships can rotate and distance, it doesn’t end up working that great in practice so we went with a normalized shield value for every direction (bubble) instead.

-We’re certainly planning on having more visual damage inside of ships, we’re just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

-Locked doors has been talked about a lot, we’ve been bouncing around with a few ideas but at this stage I’d wager it’s unlikely we’ll have them.

-Overclocking is an interesting idea, I’ll have a discussion with the team about it to get their thoughts.

Thanks again for the kind words and all of the suggestions!

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