Repeatable Races

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Repeatable Races

Post by Sapujapu » Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:19 pm

After a pretty long time not playing the game, me and my brother decided to give it another shot and explore the new Features. We played alot. And we realized that the game has significantly developed since we last played it.

We stumbled upon a new type of event located in the bottom of the galaxy. They are called "races". We thought it would be fun trying that out. After reading the rules we pressed the "Enter Race" button and the destruction of our ship followed seconds after the starting signal.
Our components were pretty weak at that time and we continued grinding out a better Reactor, better Weapons, better shields, better everything.
Our Crew was Level 17 as we wanted to try the race again. But for some bizarre reason we couldnt start the race as we used to. We jumped to the race at the mining facility and were able to participate. We actually won.
Coming back to Duntains Garage we still couldnt get the race to start. Then we finally realized that the NPC tells you about being able to participate only once, if you ask about the "Ion Races". Sadly this means we can never get these jucy rewards.

I personally cannot not comprehend why these races are only playable once. First of all this fact is not even mentioned in the "rules". I see the uniqueness of the reward-items, if you have only one shot. But you just took away a piece of interesting gameplay that might be nice to play multiple times, even if you have already claimed your rewards.

I suggest a participation fee for the races to give every crew a chance to succeed there. Another solution would be to tie these races to a repeatable temporary event (This might be difficult, because I didnt notice any units of time during our playthrough).

Im looking forward to an answer! Still Enjoying your Game!

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Re: Repeatable Races

Post by Edinstein » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:53 pm

Thanks for the feedback!

We made the races to be part of the end-game content and we figured having only a single shot would add some interesting tension to the races themselves. We also thought it might break a little of the game's logic if you could win the Ion Races multiple times. We also figured players would reload a save if they lost to be able to try again, but you bring up some interesting points. We didn't really consider crews accepting the loss and heading out into the galaxy to gain strength and resources before trying again.

Some kind of entrance fee could be a worthwhile alternative! I'll bring it up to the team to get their thoughts on the matter. Sorry for the misunderstanding / inconvenience.

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