New Class suggestion: Master-At-Arms

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New Class suggestion: Master-At-Arms

Post by TheCyanDragon » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:47 pm

To start, I realize new classes are evilly difficult to implement, and not a priority by any means.

However, the five roles/classes in game cover all roles of operating a starship... except for actual, physical security. Nobody really works as the 'Redshirts', to use Star Trek terminology, as the closest class to this is the Weapons Specialist, and he ain't got time to secure the ship when he's gotta be shooting people with a giant laser cannon.

Enter, the Master-At-Arms.

They are the physical security and ground-combat specialists of a crew. While they can 'float' with various Advanced Training talents (eventually) and pass doing any job on the ship in a pinch, their true utility comes from ground combat expertise and security procedures.

The Master-At-Arms would start the game with a Burst Rifle, as opposed to the pistols/Healing Beam every other class starts a playthrough with. They also start with several Ammo Clips, emphasizing their training and use of weapons. They also start with two unique talents: Combat Armor Training, and Weapons Handling. Combat Armor Training will raise the Master-At-Arms' armor rating by 10 (maybe 15?) when wearing an Exo-suit, and Weapons Handling will allow them to reload weapons from an Ammo Clip 50% faster. These talents are unique to the Master-At-Arms, and no other class can learn these through Research or Talent Points.

Later in a playthrough, and via Research, four additional Talents can be learned: Rifleman, Boarding Specialization, Security Visor, and Booby Trap. Rifleman is a 5-point specialization, with each point giving 10% additional damage to Rifle-class weapons. Boarding Specialization is also a five-point specialization, giving the Master-At-Arms a 10% longer range to capture enemy screens per rank, and Security Visor is a single-point specialization, allowing the Master-At-Arms to see enemy combatants health bars through walls/terrain within 150 feet. Lastly, the Booby Trap Talent allows the Master-At-Arms to, at will, place a trap anywhere he pleases that, when triggered by an enemy, deals 100 damage within 5 feet.

Obviously... a new class, and especially one that increases the player count for a crew, is a daunting prospect. It's difficult, if not outright impossible to put into the game at this stage. At the same time, most roles on a ship are covered...with this sole exception. If this ever does come into the game, it is I feel the only role that the current classes do not cover.

There are a ton of ideas that could go into this class as well (such as capturing hostile NPC's to turn them in to authorities/turn them into the AoG as prisoners) but, for simplicity's sake, I haven't fleshed them out yet.

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Re: New Class suggestion: Master-At-Arms

Post by EngBot » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:14 pm

i think the only weapons pistoleer doesnt affect are grenades, and the spiker. could be wrong though.
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Re: New Class suggestion: Master-At-Arms

Post by Paige 404 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:08 pm

This is literally just proposing a whole new role for some researchable Weapons Specialist skills.

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Re: New Class suggestion: Master-At-Arms

Post by Edinstein » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:47 am

Thanks for the suggestions!

I can confidently say that we aren't adding any additional classes at this time. It's one of the few steadfast rules we gave ourselves at the start of the project to prevent development from becoming too unmanageable.

Your talent ideas are pretty neat though, and we'll try to keep them in mind when we find ourselves working on talents again!

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