Suggestions for Weapon Spec, Captain and Science

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Suggestions for Weapon Spec, Captain and Science

Post by Ghost49X » Fri May 10, 2019 12:19 am

I'd love to see some more gameplay for Weapon Spec (WS), especially out of combat as I often see the Spec Ops bored out of his mind when we're playing through non-combat situations such as when we're maneuvering around an asteroid or inside a structure looking for scrap or research.

My suggestion to fix this is to give the Weapon Spec the responsibility of maintaining and upgrading personal equipment for the crew. This would include a weapon mods system, where the WS would machine weapon mods out of scrap through a mini-game and would slowly tweak the crew's gear adding sights, recoil compensation and ammo modifications. A weapons locker or armoury would allow the WS to grab weapons and work on them when the crew isn't in a combat posture which the crew could go to arm themselves when needed. Additional options could allow the WS to create useful mechanical consumables like sentry guns or drones.

For Science
I'd love to see more done with the different sensor types, as well as a mini game for research or for creating consumables so that I get the impression of doing actual scientific tasks.

For Captain
I'd like to see some more crew managing options. Like the option to split salvaged points (what you get after you process salvage) between Engineer and WS so they can both progress along a budget and not have to count exactly how much salvage points they've used at a given time. I see this as 2 buckets with salvage either being specifically set aside by the Captain to each role or with an automatic slider auto-separating salvage according to a Captain set ratio.

I also have trouble grasping the situation outside while in the captain's chair, and think a simple radar panel would allow me to give effective direction to my crew.

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