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Let the crew sleep to skip the warp travel time!

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:49 pm
by Sinreal
I'd say, make it an option, and let it be changeable between the captain's button and the whole crew sleeping to skip the warps so as to avoid the possibility of someone perpetually just never sleeping and annoying everyone else. However, this gives a reason to go to our rooms aside from the lockers, makes the ship feel more important, and gives more RP potential to those who like it

One of the biggest complaints I have about this game is that there's a lot of neat places; everyone has their own room, there are bars to sit down at and have a drink, restaurants, and a bunch of really interesting "set design" but you can't do anything with it. On that note, I'm a little surprised we can't customize our ships in the sense of "get fancy banners" or "beat a boss, get a trophy to hang up somewhere" or even "get faction paint-jobs for your ship" because doing this would make it feel less like any ol' ship, and make it feel more like it's our ship.

Continuing down this train of thought, perhaps let us sit at chairs/stools, and give some animation for when we eat/drink even if it's just "bring hand to mouth + crunch sound." I think these things would be great steps just to help make the galaxy feel less static and more lived-in

Re: Let the crew sleep to skip the warp travel time!

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:58 pm
by BrigadierBenjamin
I love this, but perhaps have a command for the captain to force a player to bed, if one or two people are not sleeping. OR! some sort of needs system, where you need to sleep every once and a while but this can be an option when creating a game.

Re: Let the crew sleep to skip the warp travel time!

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:50 am
by Sinreal
Honestly, that's kinda why I wanted the pilot to be able to have the button. There's always that chance that someone will not ever sleep, so having that sort of override would still be useful.

A needs system feels neat, but also would get in the way if you're doing something that takes a long time. It'd be one of two things. One, "over a period of time", and if you're just hanging around at a star waiting for people to come back from shopping at an outpost, or if you're literally just waiting for someone AFK to come back, then that could be problematic. Two, "every so many jumps", and that would become awkward if you make jumps, need to sleep, and suddenly you're in combat. As the pilot, or weapon specialist, that'd be pretty damning, I think.

I feel like a needs system would have to be done such that it's practically negligible and specifically for RP purposes, or else it'd be tedious and problematic at the worst of times. Still, an interesting idea, especially because it lets you need to do things like shower, eat, sleep, drink, etc. and that means you could interact with the ship and all this set design more. Honestly, at the end of the day, I think it'd have to be optional as well.

Another thought I had was, perhaps "unlocking" or otherwise purchasing other games to play other than liar's dice. Maybe you can purchase or unlock a deck of cards for the ship to use if you complete some particular quest, and you could do Texas Hold 'em or something along those lines. Adds a new layer of things to aim for as a crew and potentially gets more people interested in playing at the gaming table.