Reactor Radiation bubbles

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Reactor Radiation bubbles

Post by EngBot » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:47 pm

I feel like the various radiation bubbles for the reactors are a bit small at times, especially with the new leaky reactor showing just how bad it is sometimes even with it having a higher size than normal (far more so when leaking).

When falloff is added on to the size problem you end up with problems like robots and exosuits only gaining radiation when hugging the reactor for awhile, standing right next to the window for the interceptor for example. which means that most of the time a engineer that plays as a bot or wears a exo due to oxygen will never have to deal with radiation, while a human or sylvassi notices instantly or outright dies.

Not even combining overheating radiation with leaking radiation seems to touch bot/exo engineers much.

Will attempt to get a list of where bots take leaking radiation on each ship.
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