Melee weapons

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Melee weapons

Post by kendallalex1234 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:59 pm

Adding melee weapons might add some new possibility for combat.

Duelling: Being able to duel a crew member or an bot to win credits or something else.

Blocking: when fighting against bot on a planet, To engage in a sword fight and switching between defence and offence would be interesting to learn and mabye to parry the enemy to daze them for a short time to get a couple of strikes in.

Reflecting: to help assist with guns, mabye have the melees be able to reflect the shots back the enemy or to just absorb the blow, this can mabye an only work with pistols and not shotguns or burst rife etc.

Skills: Having skills to help with stamina and possibly blocking, to over come a shotgun for a couple of shots, or to daze an enemy for a longer period of time.

Energy: Having a energy bar or a durability bar to the melee weapon to make it not have infinity usages, which then having a recharge station or a repair station on the ship the melee weapon.

Customization: Being able to colour the hilt, blade, guard. or change the look of the sword or melee, like from a long sword to a Samurai sword and more.

Stations: A blacksmith shop to be able to purchase different blade, hilt, guard etc, to allow them to make there own design.

Stats: Different parts of the sword or melee can have different stats like one blade does more damage but less durability and another would be faster but less damage.
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