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Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:18 pm

  • Cruisin1500 wrote:Hey glad to see this topic. What about the engineering bot? I saw that when I was in combat, my reactor heat was in the 3000's and he still hadn't activated the use of coolant, does he do this himself or what? I had to activate it on the wall behind him.

    If you lower the priority on "Keep Coolant Reserves", then the bot should (in theory) be more apt to using coolant. I find that lowering the priority on "Minimizing Power Usage" also helps too.

    Cruisin1500 wrote:FOund a bug, when cycling through bots in the tab screen, it never goes to PiBot. Even though I Have one

    I noticed that too, now that you mention it! You can still access the pibot's AI priorities directly through the overview tab as the captain as a workaround.
    My guess is that since the pibot was added after the other three bots, it was just overlooked in the UI.

    Star Pilgrim wrote:One thing I noticed is that my Pibot would not fly into the repair station or dock with a warp ring. Also I could not manually fly the ship and do it myself without dismissing the bot first.

    That's not coded for it right now (but it will eventually... I hope!).
    What I find works better is setting the AI priority of "Man Station" to zero. That way, you can manually control the ship for repairs, loot, getting unstuck from the environment, and then set the priority back to max. It's better than firing the bot, re-hiring, and then redoing all his priorities, skills, and inventory.

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:23 am

  • Those games that once you get over a bit of a learning curve, the game is much easier to understand.
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Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:45 am

  • Yes, I agree with you Haroldperez, once you get hands on with the game it becomes easier.
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