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Re: Feedback on the update +++

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 1:42 am
by Shaftoe
Edinstein wrote:All right, that admittedly makes more sense! Yes, it would be possible to change the pilot class color. It would probably be a good solution too, but we'll likely save it for a last resort since white has become a bit iconic for PULSAR's pilots over the course of development.
It is the simplest solution, but definitely not the best. Better focus on things you guys think more important. But some day, when your schedule is not so busy, I'd like to see Customizable Crew Colors feature, that will allow captains to change their crew members colors as they see fit. So, the Captain will decide uniform.

Personally I'd like to follow old-fashioned Starfleet pattern: Captains, Executive Officers and Pilots are red, Security and Engineers are yellow and Scientists/Medics are blue.