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I've played this game for about 40 hours, and this is my experience.

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:53 pm
by Kersakof
On a run I did for 24 hours, the power your crew has just exponentially increases.
Starting with a ship, you do a few missions and try to get military grade things to start off with.
If you play smart and don't engage drones early on, you don't die.

Mission ships are significantly easier than drones and make getting a foothold on the game if you focus on them too easy. However, if you run into shock drones and don't have the proper equipment to escape, you just die.

Credits go from little to having an over abundance. If I continuously try to min max, yes I can spend my credits. But you eventually just hit a point where you get thousands of credits and nothing to spend them on. I'd think something like buying scrap would be nice, but I'm unsure of what a fair price for Scrap would be.

Right now, if you go full combat ship with no cloak, fuel capsule + shield boosting cheese makes the game a cake walk unless the enemy has significant burst damage. And due to credits being too easy to acquire, fuel too cheap to buy especially after reputation making it half off, and having a maximum of 200, enemies are a joke. Except shock drones.

The Grim Cutlass and The Alchemist are not very scary sector bosses. You more or less want to take The Grim Cutlass unless you like the passives of other ships more than it because it's too well rounded, and has massive shields out the gate. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, and I enjoy that you can take the Grim Cutlass, but I feel like it's just a better ship to grab than others (that aren't OP at the moment) for combat.

Class design wise I feel the engineer, scientist and pilot all have very important roles on the ship. I like their design because they operate a lot on communication, and effect the battle field the most. Captain feels useless with a fully staffed crew, and I feel like I am just staring out of my window into space because there's not a better job me to do. Weapon's Specialist feels useless because a weapon's bot has pinpoint accuracy, and it's usually the spot I would fill with a bot if I had a smaller crew.

I love the game so far, but the end game feels lacking. The upgrade system has completely thrown the difficulty out the window. Chaos rises too fast but also caps out too early to have an impact. The infection feels more like a "You can't visit this section of the map anymore" rather than an actual obstacle.

Planet design could use some work, since having to run for five or so minutes on some planets just to get a few samples vrs. planets with more tightly knit design feels wonky to me. I actually wouldn't mind boundaries myself if it made more interesting, smaller encounters. I enjoy the planets more with a story behind them than "run forever this way, get this sample, then kill yourself because it's faster than getting back."

Not to mention it's currently too difficult to get black and white samples. In a 24 hour game, I managed to get 6 white samples and 0 black samples without using the research vessel. And with a good portion of talents locked, getting what I want isn't possible unless I start scientist vessel first. And I feel like that limits player choice at the start of the game since why wouldn't you opt to get the talents you want then just claim the ship you actually want.

I still enjoy the game though. I love the ship vs ship combat, I love the ability to skip warp or not so you can do a long jump and go to the bathroom real quick. I love making jokes while everyone's too tired to think correctly at 12 AM, and that's happening with content I'm engaged in. Having a vastly different experience with someone piloting a stealth vessel vrs. someone piloting a combat vessel like the W.D. Destroyer is fantastic. Some of the missions here are great, and I love how much detail is put into the bounty hunter missions. Especially when I ran into a ship and they opened comms for me to spare their life instead of shooting immediately. I have some more criticisms, but I don't want to make this post a mile long.

The amount of effort put into this game, giving me many memorable ship interiors to memorize along with the planets I will remember (Any planet with the hair follicle looking things coming out is currently my most enjoyed planets.) I look forward to the next update!

Re: I've played this game for about 40 hours, and this is my experience.

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:33 pm
by Edinstein
Thanks for the feedback! There's a lot here to think about, but I’m mostly in agreement about many of the main points. It does seem like the economy needs more fine-tuning and that alone can have some pretty big ramifications across the rest of the game, especially for ship combat.

The majority of coming updates are planned to focus on more end-game content and improving the existing end-game obstacles (like another pass on all current sector commanders).

We’re also planning on making another pass on planets, specifically using some of the new tools and systems we’ve made for the aformentioned end-game content. Ideally we’ll be working to make them more interesting and varied.

Thanks for taking the time to write this. I feel the direction we’re currently heading will naturally address many of the points you made.

Re: I've played this game for about 40 hours, and this is my experience.

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:40 am
by Kersakof
I'm happy to provide my feedback! It's really exciting to see an Early Access developer either have the same thoughts or take inspiration from my ideas. This has been one of the few games I've sunk many hours into and I keep finding more ways to enjoy it. I hope I can keep giving ideas on how to make this game better, and thank you for listening to me.