Unofficial Weekly Discussion #4: W.D ships

Discussion about PULSAR: Lost Colony including talking about factions, classes, ship systems, playstyles, etc.
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Unofficial Weekly Discussion #4: W.D ships

Post by EngBot » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:25 pm

This weeks discussion is going to be about the various playable ships for W.D.
Favorite Ship, playstyles, strategies for fighting with/against, etc.
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Re: Unofficial Weekly Discussion #4: W.D ships

Post by Kersakof » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:44 am

I personally like the Destroyer because it feels like a heavy hitting ship that's tanky. Although the tab + space tooltips don't line up with its passive on screen, I still feel like the hull can take a beating and I do just fine. I naturally gravitated towards this ship first, and it's the reason I have so many levels in W.D. My playstyle is tanky and get into the thick of things, and this ship allows me to do that fantastically.

I don't enjoy the Carrier as much since it feels... too good at everything, I suppose. I always hear people saying that the Carrier is better than the Destroyer, but I feel like just a straight stat upgrade doesn't trump the flavor that the Destroyer has. I'm not really sure how you could make the Carrier stand out more, but as it stands, I'll prefer my small cargo Destroyer with two guns that shoot slower but deal more damage.

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