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Ship bonuses, and how they effect things.

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:25 pm
by Kersakof
So I noticed with the Thrust Booster program, things that do a % base increase do not seem to effect it, such as the Under 30% Hull modules. I was kinda doing a shield tank run, and was wondering if anything that helps with shield regeneration matters at all for Emergency Shield Boosters. Or if it was meant to help with it.

I'm also curious if there's other passives for ships that do not work. Using the keeper beam, I don't notice a shield increase when firing at enemy ships and doing a lot of damage to them on the Annihilator.

It feels like the W.D. Cruiser's turret charge rate is the most beneficial one right now, to me at least (other than the Research Vessel's passive research.) I probably shouldn't be picking ships based on their passives, but I have a save where I'm at that point of the game where I feel like it :p