How do I get and keep boarders off my ship?

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  • So I recently picked up the game, and pending convincing a few more friends to grab it, have been poking at it on my own. The bots are proving hard to manage, but I could see that being a matter of familiarity with the priority system.

    But there's one problem I've had on multiple runs now:

    I'll get a mission from CU command to help a ship in combat, go in, and deal with the hostile ship. And once that ship is blown up, I will have hostile personnel continually crawling over my own ship.

    I understand that the quantum shield can be brought down in the midst of combat, but I'm talking about AFTER it. Shields at full, even in warp and in completely different sectors - the same enemies keep respawning at my teleporter.

    How do I secure the ship after this happens?
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  • That's strange. Enemies shouldn't be re-spawning on your ship, especially if you can warp it (meaning that it's claimed by you). Most enemies have an innate desire to jump ship if they think it's going down. Could it be possible you ran into the 5 different crewmembers? We'll look into our end to see if it's a bug. If it happens again and you think it may be a bug, we'd love to see your output log. Instructions for sending one can be found here:
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  • I know for certain that it was the same enemies respawning - well more than five kills after the enemy ship was destroyed, and the same names kept coming back repeatedly. I'll keep an eye out for that sort of mission when next I'm in game, as it seems to cause it fairly reliably.

    I was on my starter ship, so it darn well SHOULD have still been claimed by me... and it was the teleporter they were appearing at, not the atrium.

    As I said, I'll keep an eye out for it to happen again and submit a log if it does.
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