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Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:01 am

  • For some reason there are many parts that I just can't seem to find upgrades for. I know some parts don't upgrade past certain levels but I was able to find higher levels components in the past.

    For example, I can't seem to find any weapons past level 7+, any processors past level 1 (except for cyberdefence up to 7), any shields past level 7, and all thrusters max out at 7.

    I remember getting level 11-12 weapons on my last save, along with shields. It seemed like I always was finding upgrades for different parts which gave the game some goal.

    I am level 47 on this ship but haven't been able to find any high level upgrades except for a level 16 reactor off a shock drones. Doing component searches on all ships (ive done it on over a hundred ships) shows no components over level 7 either. With shock drones its the same except for the reactors and hulls.

    It seems like a glitch, but any help would be appreciated as I find this game really fun but this makes it so there's no reason to keep playing
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Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:22 am

  • Beta 14 (15?) decreased the maximum levels of most components to improve game balance. People were manipulating Chaos to get high-level components early and just steamrolling the rest of the game. Since Pulsar is geared towards doing multiple short playthroughs rather than sticking with a single ship for 20+ hours, it makes more sense to keep component levels fairly low to retain some level of challenge at Chaos 6.
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Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:00 am

  • Thanks for the answer! I thought they must've done something or my save file was glitched.

    Although I do see the point of lowering max level components it kind of kills the endgame, at least for me. It seems like they limited all processors to level 1 except for cyber security, and all weapons/thrusters to level 7 :c

    Ship to ship combat is the strong suit of this game compared to planet exploration and would love to see the devs adress the streamrolling issue through another way. That way the people who enjoyed grinding parts in the endgame can do so.

    Anyway thanks for the help :]
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