Recommended progress timeline?

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Recommended progress timeline?

Post by thomwblair » Thu May 31, 2018 2:23 pm

I'm new to Pulsar. In my main game, I played conservatively for 36 hours, hiding from enemy ships (I only destroyed the Rustbucket). I spent all my time exploring planets, gathering XP, research materials and upgrading my ship components.
My crew is level 13 with 42,000 credits and chaos is 5.9. I also have 28 pieces of unsold scrap.
I managed to upgrade my Roland to this:
- CGF heavy shield generator - level 1
- Long range jump module - level 2
- CCG hull military grade - level 2
- CCGE hull plating - level 3
- StarSalvage E70
- Shield piercer - level 1
- Automated railgun - level 3
- Automated railgun - level 2
- 2 automated railguns - level 1

However, by this time, the Infected had spread to cover most of the map. When I try to even move through an infected sector, my ship is destroyed before the warp drive can even charge to get us to a hopefully safe sector.

What have I done wrong? Was I supposed to get different ship components faster? Spend less time exploring or gathering scrap/XP/resource materials?

Since chaos and infection seems to spread continuously at a rapid speed, it seems I must get to a certain level of defense/offense capability much earlier.

What would be the critical components to get and how soon? What should be max priority? Is there a list of absolute must-haves for safely traveling through a totally infected galaxy? Any timeline help would awesome.

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Re: Recommended progress timeline?

Post by Edinstein » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:01 pm

You haven't done anything wrong, you've more or less reached the end-game state of what we have so far!

The finished version of the game should direct you towards more end-game "Lost Colony" stuff but for now, you can try your luck with the various sector commanders in the galaxy [sectors labeled with this symbol (!) ].

As for quickly moving through infected space, we'd highly recommend getting an instant warp charge program since it's quite dangerous to spend a lot of time in those sectors.

If your less interested in fighting ships the next game you could consider a Stargazer or a Carrier, they both come equipped with cloaking devices that add a neat stealth element!

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