CU Drones threatening even when we're CU-Neutral

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CU Drones threatening even when we're CU-Neutral

Post by mrsandman321 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:11 pm


One of our gaming sessions got really fouled up when we started a WD Cruiser and warped into a sector that had a couple of CU Drones. We had no reputation with the CU at all nor were we flagged. And yet, the drones were considered threats by our Weapons Bot, who fired and began a fight that put us in negative rep.

I've given feedback on this before, but then there's no way to get back into the CU's good graces. The whole game gets really funky because you inevitably get flagged for not submitting to an inspection.

I know you can get your ship un-flagged. I learned, the hard way, to set the Target to none rather than auto to prevent the bot attacking. But the rep system feels like it really can destroy the experience quickly, most particularly when the CU hates you.

So, my questions are: what are the best ways to manage reputation? How does one best survive once you go into negative rep with the CU? Will bots perceive ships as a threat if our rep is neutral? Or is that particular to drones?

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Re: CU Drones threatening even when we're CU-Neutral

Post by Edinstein » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:50 pm

Thanks for the feedback! We had a discussion among the team about this and it prompted us to take another pass on reputation and how different space territories affect starting ship hostility. We ended up making some significant changes to how some of that works so you may not have as many issues when we release beta 19.3.

As for your questions:
I don't have much to add in terms of managing rep. But there are several trade hubs that should still welcome you even if you have negative CU rep. If you play WD your faction's stores and missions should still more or less function with WD rep alone.

The Contraband stations will be changed in 19.3 but in the current build (19.2) they will attack immediately if you have negative CU rep, and refusing to complete the mission will result in your ship being flagged however that mission is only assigned to ships traveling through CU space. If you don't want to be flagged or destroyed and you have negative CU rep it's probably best to avoid CU space if possible (at least on the 19.2 build). In beta 19.3 we're changing them so that they only fire upon flagged ships.

The triggers that make ships hostile is the same for crewed ships and unmanned drones, however crews may have dialogue states through ship hailing that can prevent them from being hostile.

Hope that helps / clarifies!

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