Quantum Shield's vs. SCP Processors

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Quantum Shield's vs. SCP Processors

Post by Crashdummy11880 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:43 pm

A shield generator has for exampel "Min For QT Shields 50%" with a Integrity by 1000
The Ship also has a ARX-SCP Processor Equipped with also 1000 Integrity.

At which Integrity are the QT Shields down?

1000 or 500?

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Re: Quantum Shield's vs. SCP Processors

Post by Edinstein » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:27 pm

In the hypothetical you describe above, the quantum shields would be disabled at 1000 shield integrity.

The percentage should consider any shield improvements or boosts when checking if the shields are disabled.

You can try this yourself by starting a new Intrepid (installed is a shield generator with 500 integrity with 75% min for QT shields as well as a SCP that adds an additional 50 points of integrity). You can fly the ship into a structure to damage the shields and drastically reduce power to shields on the reactor screen to slow recharge.

Then you can check a nearby status screen and compare the rising shield integrity with the status of the quantum shields.

The quantum shields should go back online when it reaches 413 (550 * 0.75) integrity instead of 375 (500 * 0.75).

Hope that helps!

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