A Symphony of Destruction

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A Symphony of Destruction

Post by aaaddd4747 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:28 am

"Destruction is a symphony..."-aaaddd
"... And my weapon is a violin"-TK9501

[posted here because the turrets in Pulsar have shortcomings when it comes to leading targets correctly, a problem that I solved for a project of my own: the Crystal Ship Control System]
[Lua 5.1 source code for lead calculator and turret driver available upon request]
(The Vector3 based math used should be trivial to convert to Unity)

TK9501 and I were demonstrating our new lead calculating turret system, and had a bit too much fun doing so.


Asuming uniform constant linear motion (target flying in straight line),
and no fall of or decelleration of shot (IE: shot is in space); my predictor is perfectly accurate up to arbitrary (insane) ranges.
Even while your own ship is moving (this is where the pulsar predictor fails).

The predictor tends to fail to find an adequate targeting solution if the relative velocity between target and gun exceeds the muzzle velocity of the gun
(in some cases that is because there is legitemately no solution, but in others there are but the system does not find them)
(due to the speed cap in pulsar this almost never happens, but in my application it can and does)

We recorded some video as well that will take some time to get edited into a watchable state.

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