Beta 15 Release Notes

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Beta 15 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:10 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 15 is now out!

Devlog 71:

As we mentioned in Beta 14.9, this is sort of the second half of what we originally planned for Beta 15. It features new grenade-based weapons and tools with networked physics, a new hub called the ‘Burrow’, and a gladiator-style pit called the ‘Sand Scar Arena’. During the rest of the Beta 15 release cycle we’re looking to add creatures and take another look at AI boarding behavior.

-New Hub: The Burrow - A planetside hub built into a rocky outcrop on an arid desert planet.
-30 new NPCs have been added
-New Mission: Find the Strange Creature (offers reward for finding V’uurog)
-Burrow NPC ‘Kavin Arent’ sells a limited stock of research materials
-The Sand Scar Arena - Found in the Burrow, this arena pits players against numerous waves of deadly foes in a dynamic arena landscape. Crews who survive all rounds will win 10,000 credits!
-Ammo reservoirs can now be found on all ships
-Reloading system: Some weapons now require ammo to function, you can reload these weapons at an ammo reservoir usually found in the armor of each ship. The reservoir replenishes after every jump.
-New Enemy: Jet Bandit
-New Enemy: Armored Mega Ant
-New Weapon: Pulse Grenade Launcher
-New Weapon: Mini Grenade Launcher
-New Tool: Fire Killer Grenade
-New Tool: System Repair Grenade
-New Tool: Healing Grenade

-Quick respawn talent reduced from 20% per rank to 12%
-Player characters now have some intrinsic damage reduction to help them survive longer during fights
-Base fire extinguisher is slightly less effective
-Removed green reticle on players. This system would prevent players from shooting one another and hampered combat.
-Beam pistols now use ammo
-Colonial Union outpost 448 (Sector 0) has had its exterior mesh tweaked and optimized
-Base stamina for players has been doubled

-Changed some mouse behavior to improve experience on some linux setups
-Fixed some rendering issues that prevented detail normals from working
-New save file system should help prevent saves from becoming corrupted if game is closed in unexpected ways

Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 15 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:25 pm

Great job!

But please, add Second-in-command, masks for characters (like one patrolmen wear), Bot appearance (orange for WD, Blue for CU and Metal Bandit for Gentlemen) models for characters and AI crewmen.

This shouldn't be very difficult and people asked it long ago. And, as you can see, we're still waiting.

P.S. 10.000 credits? You serious? Make it 100.000 and then it will be called a prize!

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Re: Beta 15 Release Notes

Post by TheDTYP » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:35 pm

Oooooooh, I remember seeing a devblog long, LONG ago about the Burrows. I thought it was scrapped ages ago, very glad to see it made it into the game!

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