Scanner: Research Materials as a starting talent

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Scanner: Research Materials as a starting talent

Post by Kersakof » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:23 pm

Currently if you're unlucky, it's difficult to research talents for your crew outside the Outrider in games if you have trouble finding research. Whether it's from not being able to find it manually on a planet, or from space, I have quite a few games without many of the researchable talents being touched due to players having difficulty finding research materials.

I suggest the Scanner research to find Research Materials on planets be part of the start of game talents, and possibly even be one of the talents Research just gets at the start of the game, similar to W.D. having the main gun as a talent right out the gate. While I know there is a planet you can get research materials from and simply upgrade this talent, I think it would make gameplay more smooth for other ships to at least have this talent. And the Outrider is still useful since you would get most talents on it without having to search every planet.

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Re: Scanner: Research Materials as a starting talent

Post by Bullethead » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:21 pm

I agree that something needs to be done to jumpstart research because so many important talents rely on it. However, because so many important talents rely on research, research should still require some work. How to balance that is a sticky issue.

It seems to be right now that all research materials are hand-placed by the devs, which seems a bit clumsy on several fronts. First, that's a lot of work for the devs, especially making sure they place enough of each type. Second, it obviates the need for the scanner. Folks will find them and post their locations, so even folks without the scanner able to find research materials can just google the locations, go there, and get the stuff. Which basically makes it pointless to even have a scanner able to find research materials.

So to me, the best solution would be to give every planet/station some low chance of having some small amount of some randomly determined research material. A few such materials might be spawned within the areas players would normally traverse while there on other business, but most would be way out on the fringes of the area, and so few and far between that there'd be little chance of finding them without the scanner ability.

In this way, the devs would no longer have to hand-place the resources. And there'd be no googling up their locations because the same planet would have different amounts (including zero) of different resources in different places from 1 game to the next. But finding them would most likely require having BOTH a scanner able to see the resources AND the personal talent to use that feature of the scanner.

To me, this means the scanner should be able to scan for research materials from the get-go, as if it doesn't, you might never get that function because researching that requires research materials. So take that out of the equation. However, being able to use that function requires training (aka a Talent point), which you might or might not want to spend.

So basically: 1) scanner always can find materials, 2) being able to use the scanner to find materials takes a Talent point, and 3) the location, amount, and type of research materials on planets/bases is randomized.

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Re: Scanner: Research Materials as a starting talent

Post by Edinstein » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:17 pm

Thanks for the suggestions! We agree that the system around finding research materials (and placing them on our end) could be improved. We can't say when we'll look into making any changes, (though our programmer might look into having the talent more easily accessible soon), but we'll keep these suggestions in mind.

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Re: Scanner: Research Materials as a starting talent

Post by EngBot » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:20 pm

there are only a few sector types i can think of that don't have some science, a lot are hard to find.
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