Overwrite BOT crew position by joining player

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Overwrite BOT crew position by joining player

Post by solarseven » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:13 am

It would be nice, if it would be possible to "unlock" per bot the possibility to be overtaken by a real player.
A button per added BOT in the TAB menu where BOT's can be added and removed, that can be toggled between locked/unlocked.

In the case of a game where for example the game is full with one real player (the host) and four BOT's.
AND in the game there are one or more BOT's unlocked while the game is "full".
The server list should show this game as 4/5 players.
Otherwise, nobody would join the game obviously.

The reason a game in the game server list should not show the amount of unlocked (soft)BOTs instead is that some players will ignore games with BOT's and keeping people joining games it a key part of teamwork.

This idea came from a conversation I had with a player named Maxell about getting a game going and not having to wait for players but just starting with BOT's and the BOT there positions could be overtaken. However, when talking about it we figured that some players might want to keep a certain BOT in a specific position. So we came up with the locking mechanism to lock the BOT (hard bot).

Hopefully that was enough information to make it come across, please ask questions if that is not the case. =)

I hope this feature will be seriously considered.

Thanks for the awesome game!

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Re: Overwrite BOT crew position by joining player

Post by Edinstein » Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:00 pm

Thanks for the suggestion! Our team has had a similar thought. Although we can't make any guarantees, it's something we'll certainly be looking into.

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