SUBMISSION: Neutral HUB “Cryptopol”

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SUBMISSION: Neutral HUB “Cryptopol”

Post by Wedge » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:16 am

“Everyone here was lost, and then Cryptopol found them.”

Q: Where is the Hub Located?
A: Spawns near the outer reaches of the galaxy, and is located in neutral space.

Q: Who is allowed to visit?
A: Crews that have positive reputation with at least one faction may visit; however, having good standing with more than one faction is preferable.

Q: Why was this place created? What purpose does it serve?
A: Cryptopol is a collection of vendors, scrap yards, shanty factories, and data bunkers; all located on an artificial island amidst a massive mangrove/swamp. Cryptopol started as just another nameless, serial tagged system. A secluded location, it was designated for scuttling outdated warships, and deorbiting weapon factory stations. With most of the planet's surface covered in water, and a narrow habitable zone of unforgiving marshland, it was assumed that the tech discarded onto the planet would be forgotten. By luck of a random jump, the planet was discovered by scavengers. Squatters soon began to set up shop on the surface - reclaiming scrap at leisure, and selling reclaimed equipment, and components to anyone that would buy. Soon a microcosmic metropolis sprung out of the marshes.

Eventually, four major groups, each with their own 'Yard Boss', divided up Cryptopol to establish an equilibrium among the many inhabitants. Each group is associated with a faction. Due to political/economic ties, doing quests for one group will give reputation according to their alignment. Various vendors, and shops are run by different groups, and have faction discounts accordingly.

Q: Is it clean or run-down?
A: Somewhat run down, yet well constructed - 'shanty' would be a better way to describe it. There are some purpose built structures; especially below the surface, but most everything is made from recycled materials. Cryptopol is artificial island in the middle of a massive swamp. It rains year round, and the streets are mostly covered by sheltered walkways. Bright neon lights, and sparking assembly lines shine brightly in the permanent dusk; due to the planet being tidally locked with its parent star. Below the narrow alleys above, are many elevator lifts leading to habitation and commercial spaces below.

Q: Does it have a story?
A: The arrival of scavengers on the planet meant that they needed to find a base of operations. A large sandbar, located in a mangrove, became the starting point for haphazard expanse of metal piers, flotillas, offshore factory rigs, hydrocarbon derricks, scrap processing, and pressure sealed chambers deep below. In current times, Cryptopol is essentially a city-state, built on a wealth of economic commodities and finance.

A: Who's in-charge of the HUB?
Q: Four Yard Bosses are the big cheeses at Cryptopol; each is aligned with a separate faction. All together, the big four act as a de facto council.

  • Headed by a strange Sylvassi named Soldar. He doesn't wear a regular respirator like most of his kind - instead just goggles, and a pressure garment - concealing his features. As outspoken a persona as he is, conflicting-to-outlandish rumor are all that's know about his past...
  • Handles faction negotiations, and galactic relations for Cryptopol at large. In many cases he's prevented full scale conflict from breaking out.
  • Commanded by the retired W.D. fleet captain Yesfir Irina - honorable severance. Arguable one of the most dangerous persons at Cryptopol, and few remain alive who've crossed her. Her group's vendors deal mostly in weaponry. Mercenaries under her payroll provide security for Cryptopol and make sure nothing gets out of hand.
  • Operated by drone command core CC-200 and combat robot 'Metek'. CC-200 crashed to the surface when its carrier ship was scuttled. Hundreds of years later, the supercomputer was rediscovered by Metek, who hauled CC-200 out of the swamp and repair it. During the course of the repairs, CC-200 convinced a cognisant Metek to not sell it. The two to entered into a business partnership. Metek's muscle and technical knowhow, combined with CC-200's astounding tactical thinking, the duo carved out a sizable territory in Cryptopol.
  • CC-200 now serves as a different kind of command core, directing salvage missions, running industrial processes, and keeping an ever open eye on suspicious persons.
  • Lead by casino and cryptocurrency kingpin 'Setty', a heavily augmented human cyborg. He can be found in his luxurious datasuite - cross legged amongst fine furniture and incense - focused intently on data streams through an implanted visor. Of course, he's not just monitoring data, but encrypted transmissions… so it were. With the galaxy cut off from the outside, Setty is officially the largest available money lender.
  • He runs the gambling dens, money lending, and banking on Cryptopol. He probably the reason the place is even on the map; below Cryptopol is a data repository bunker used for tracking credit transactions and mining currency. Rumors tell that not only some of the W.D.'s largest accounts are backed at Cryptopol, but also those of the Caretaker. 

HUB Points of Interest

HI-CAST (Junkers)
Metal depot
  • Come here for all your scrap needs. Sell, or buy - doesn't matter.
  • 'Melder', a large humanoid robot in charge of scrap vending and metal refinement for the Junkers.
  • Guarded by 'Khan', a Paladin… there aren't any scrap thieves around Cryptopol because of this reactivated war machine.
  • 'Big Rodney', a roller bot companion of Melder. Speak to it if you want your scrap processed in bulk - for a price - credits, or old batteries.
Mainframes-mart (Junkers)
Processors/programs vendor
  • Speak to Droste, who appears at first glance to be a robot, but is actually a cyborg - his brain partially visible, suspended in a preservation jar (like Brain Bots from Cortex Command).
  • Need a program, or processor? You've come to the right place! Find pretty much all your computing needs here.
Locus Solus (Middlemen)
Data nexus
  • Located on the lowest level of Cryptopol, the nexus was constructed from thousands of salvaged warship data cores. It acts as the epicenter for the Yard Boss entente; location of both Credit Crackers, and Holding Services.
Credit Cracking (Middlemen)
High-risk investment
  • Speak with Lucas Gazer, a masked human, to purchase bonds.
  • Purchases credits bonds that may (or may not) pay off. Available in highly-risk coupon rates of 10%, 25%, and 50% (1000, 2500, 10000, and 30000 credit amount tiers). The higher the return rate, the less likely the bond is to pay out, but entering for a 10000 credit 50% bond yields 50000 credits, and a 30000 one, 150,000! 
Holding Services (Middlemen)
  • Speak with Cipher Black, a strange augmented human, to bank credits.
  • Captains can store large amounts of credits for a low interest rate. It's a steady return, but nowhere near the risk of credit cracking.
Weapons vendor
  • Talk to robotic vendors - 'Zig', or J-739 - to procure armaments.
  • Here you can buy upgraded ship weaponry and other weapons systems - courtesy of Garrison surplus.
HAILING (Garrison)
Smuggling services
  • Talk to robotic vendors - XR-39812, or DR-772 - to check status, deflag, and purchase smugglers passes.
  • HAILING also has local bounties on cargo thieves, and hijackers. Speak to Kade Conr, the Garrison's second in command to ask about any cargo recovery missions.
  • Is your ship flagged? Got someone on your tail? Feel like you're being followed? At HAILING you can get deflagging services, and smugglers passes… what's a smugglers pass? Oh, that's just a little card that allows you to skip out on an untimely cargo inspection. Use em' wisely, you can only redeem one pass per before you've got to return to HAILING and pay up for another freebee… but it ain't cheap.
Scrappy's Scarf Sludgery (Colonials)
  • Get your engine sludge here! Only the best, and nothing watered down!
Dusk Market (Colonials)
Illicit cargo vendor
  • The market is run by 'Morningstar', a two headed robot. It acts as retailer for the Colonials.
  • Hidden somewhere at Cryptopol is a Stardust selling house. Find it, and you can buy refined stardust at cut rate prices for sale elsewhere. You can also offload any less-than-legal cargo here… or maybe even buy some.
Biscuit Shack (Junkers / F.B.)
Food vendor
  • Talk to Biscuit Buddy 626 to buy biscuits, and if you're with the F.B. faction, buy extra cases of biscuits.
  • Also sells F.B. multi-tools, incase one gets lost.
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“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick


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Re: SUBMISSION: Neutral HUB “Cryptopol”

Post by Wedge » Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:48 pm

The suggested names & titles of places are just to help illustrate the themes and tone of the hub setting. Any number of specific locations could be modified/changed to mold the setting to P:LC. Hopefully one more hub is added before final release. :)
“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick


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