Best CrewAI Setup for Two Players?

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Best CrewAI Setup for Two Players?

Post by tomhenshore » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:24 am

Hey guys!

Stumbled across this game last night and, well, didn't get all that much sleep last night after trying to learn every aspect as fast as possible... Oops.
I'm hoping to start a crew with just me (19 years of age) and my little bro (13 years of age) and was wondering what your experiences were with only having two human crew members? Obviously one of us will have to be Captain, but what is the most ideal role for the other to have in relation to what roles can AI best handle?

My thinking so far is for the other role to be Weapons Specialist so they have access to the main gun, but can also try and look after engineering, whilst the captain pilots and tries to keep an eye on Science. We would have an AI Scientist operating the scanners and general ship maintenance, and then an engineer as a kind of Ship Security officer.... Are there any better ways to control the ship than this? Would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

Another question would be what Ship would you all regard as the easiest to manage? I know the Stargazer is the smallest, yet it seems so needlessly complex haha, my thoughts so far are between the W.D. Destroyer and the Intrepid, what do you all think?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Best CrewAI Setup for Two Players?

Post by Bleet » Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:15 am

If you nor your brother have any preference in what role to play, this is what I would suggest:

Have one person as a dedicated pilot. The Pilot bot is competent enough in that it will evade fire, line up shots for your weapon, and can point toward the next waypoint, but it doesn't collect loot and it sometimes can get caught on the environment. Plus if you want to try to run, the Pibot won't disengage & point toward the new sector until all enemies are dead.

The second player can essentially be a dual engineer/scientist role. Science in its current form doesn't require a dedicated person on hand watching the screen 100% of the time, but if there is no scientist, it's very noticeable since they can quickly turn around a bad situation. A human player can also trim engineering power down better than the bot in most cases, or use wisely use coolant.

The Scibot I found to either be too liberal with programs (firing off three viruses at a single small security drone), or doing nothing at all when it's important (not using a shield booster when your shields are down and half your hull vanished in the last second). If you opt to use the Scibot in a scientist role, I suggest setting vocal/comms up to max in the priorities so you know what the bot is doing.

Engbot is... a mixed bag. It's useful, but I find its power priorities to be somewhat awkward. It'll limit the overall power usage, but I find that it won't tweak individual power conduits. It also won't turn on/off power on the aux reactor, and some ships (like the Roland) desperately need that human touch for power management.

Wepbot (or really bots using turrets in general) is absolutely spectacular, and I find the bots will often nail the target spot on.. I suggest keeping Wepbot with man turret priority to max, disable almost everything else, and ensure that no other bot gets the "Advanced Operator" skill, so that the Wepbot will always use the main/mega cannon. The other turrets will fire when unmanned (but at a slower rate), but the main weapon will not fire without having a bot or a player on it.

For the other two bots, I tend to leave them to their devices, but set "Man Station" priority to zero. I might up the priority on one to board the enemy, but otherwise I leave them to do as they please.

The AI is still very much a WIP (it is only beta!), and the AI improvement is on their roadmap, but I find that this kind of setup is great when you don't have a full crew to play with.

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Re: Best CrewAI Setup for Two Players?

Post by Tajin » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:06 am

One thing the AI really does very well (often better than players) is shooting.
I recently flew the intrepid with just one friend and myself.

We got 3 bots and told them to do nothing else but man the turrets.

I picked the captain slot and flew the ship.
He picked scientist and took care of engineering aswell.

As captain you can also control the talents of your bots, which give a bonus even if they're not manning their stations.

Due to the small size and good layout of the intrepid, we could handle everything on our own and actually did very well. (those bots really know how to shoot)
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Re: Best CrewAI Setup for Two Players?

Post by tomhenshore » Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:40 pm

Well, firstly apologies it’s taken me 4 or so years to reply...

...Rediscovered the game last week, excited to play it again with my brother. I remember we ended up playing as outlined by bleet, I’m wondering if the AI has come along at all, and whether there is now a better way for two people to play?

I’ve read that the PiBot has come on a bit, I’ve also noticed that the science role has beefed out quite a bit - Not that there was anything wrong with how we played before, just curious what people recommend now for two players?

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