Rework "process scrap"-minigame

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Rework "process scrap"-minigame

Post by Zirial » Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:53 am


After playing a few hours the biggest annoyance has been the minigame surrounding scrap. It is incredibly frustrating to try and hit that one bar in the middle. It doesn't add anything fun, nor interesting.
As such I would suggest making it the middle bar as is, and in addition the two neighbourgin bars. That way the player has a bit more leeway in hitting.
Since I feel that my explanation leaves a bit to be desired I will try and illustrate.

||||||||||||||||||||| <-- current setup, success depends on hitting the one bold bar.
||||||||||||||||||||| <--suggestion -> success depends on hitting three giving the player more leeway and makes it less frustrating.

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