Beta 13.2 Release Notes

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Beta 13.2 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:06 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 13.2 should now be available. Thanks for all your reports and comments!

If you haven’t seen our release notes for initial VR support, please check them out here: ... f=3&t=3324

-Roomscale VR mode should work better for players using an Oculus Rift headset
-PULSAR can now detect when using Rift in SteamVR mode to show the Touch controllers instead of SteamVR controllers when available
-Mouse Invert Y setting should now be working as expected
-Video settings menu improvements to make it a little easier to use
-Fixed issue that caused errors when you died with a scanner in your inventory
-Flares should no longer have a chance of showing up in the starmap

-Added an optional game framerate limit back to the video settings menu
-Added a VAD Level setting back to the audio settings menu
-Change region menu no longer available in-game since it caused a disconnect on region change
-Added VR controller offsets menu to allow custom position and rotation offsets of VR motion controllers inputs. This is available in the VR Settings menu
-Scanner now responds to motion controller input
-Added back the ability to sort games
-The Customize Appearance menu should be working better in VR mode
-Turrets now have VR controls. They are still missing their UIs in VR mode at the moment
-In-Game UI in VR has been scaled down to make it easier to see chat, ship health, etc
-Added default bindings for Saitek X52 and X55, you may need to reset bindings to get the new functionality

Known Issues:
-Some visuals previously available in piloting HUD need to be redone (keen eyes)
-Some menus do not currently have gamepad support
-Virtual keyboard doesn’t work outside of VR (ex. Gamepad on monitor)
-Rendering bug in VR where ship interiors disappear in certain rotations
-Turret and MegaTurret UI’s are missing
-Credits and Manual are not accessible in VR

Beta 13.2.1 Release Notes
-Fixed a bug that would only allow the host to fire ship turrets

Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 13.2 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:05 pm


1) Captured Grim Cutlass visual is totally broken (and not captured too, checked). Reverse engines always appear to be on, though they don't generate thrust unless you make them to. See the picture below:

2) HUD depicts hull and shields incorrectly. At least for Deathseekers... See the picture below:

3) Trade menu doesn't respond anywhere. Plus, ground traders have space menu items. None of them purchasable or sellable. See the picture below:

4) If host assumes NON CAPTAIN role and someone else gets captain, then HOST IN ANY FOLLOWING SAVES IS UNABLE TO CHANGE AI OPTIONS (but that other captain still can). Though host still can spawn AIs.

5) Grim Cutlass bridge is very dark. Plus, even if you turn off the lights, lamps stipp appear to be white (i.e. visually lighted). Also, when one chooses role, lights appear to be OK. But just after respawn all goes dark.

6) Deathseekers still tend to ram and kill each other.

7) After 13.2 your optimization efforts vanished. For some reason... This note regards Outrider performance ONLY. Grim Cutlass is well optimized.

8) Some save files appear to be broken. Though some are not... 2 of 3 today's saves are broken for some reason. No clear pattern, though. But we captured Grim Cutlass and renamed it. Previous saves just died after it.

9) Circular course heading mark often appear to be totally deformed and almost invisible. Please, GET BACK OLD WHITE SQUARE.

10) Outrider is WAY TOO manueverable. Almost uncontrollable with good engines and all pilot's skills.

SUGGESTION 1: Give second-in-command, when you implement it, captain's ALERT/STATUS functions without ability to change them.

SUGGESTION 2: Tracker missiles way to weak and ships have lots of them. I think you should rename missile racks to missile pods and launch missiles in volleys by 5. LOCK - 5 MISSILES GO!

SUGGESTION 3: Remove captain chairs levels for there are no differences between them, but prices...

SUGGESTION 4: Allow Gentlemen's welcome virus to affect friendly targets (for further boarding).

SUGGESTION 5: Make all ships' windows completely transparent from outside.
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Re: Beta 13.2 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:56 pm

Also, ship can operate even with only first lever in engineering in ON mode.

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