Submission: Classified Hub

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Submission: Classified Hub

Post by Xynt » Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:10 am

Name: [No official name, rather a ramdom set of characters]

Owner/s: Derelicted

Allowed: Any

Status: Hidden, Degrading

How to find: Luck. After visiting players warp out, randomly warps to a new empty sector.

Purpose: Selling of ancient and classified/experimental technologies. May provide leads for other secrets.

Backstory: An ancient ship somewhat massive in size, with the purpose of supplying and restocking Old War front lines, but became derelict sometime after the last invasion on that galaxy. MAY have been visited by PF, which repaired and freed the automatons on the ship so they can do as they please. They had became merchants afterwards, actively traveling around the current galaxy in hopes of benefitting those they encounter.

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