Suggested Features: Dedicated Server, Expanded Player Limit

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Suggested Features: Dedicated Server, Expanded Player Limit

Post by Spesago » Fri May 04, 2018 1:55 pm

This is a few ideas i have to make the game a little larger in scope,

1.) Dedicated Servers.
On its own this has little purpose but combined with my next suggestion it could be very helpful

Difficulty: Mild - Moderate
Depending on how the code is set up it shouldn't be too massive a task to create a client that processes the world data but doesn't take up a role.

2.) More Ships per world.
This would likely need a dedicated host or, a single transferable host to be functional but it would be a lot of fun having a second crew helping with objectives or even interfering or full on PVP confrontation.

Difficulty: Moderate - Severe
Setting up the ability to have 2 or more "Threads" for the server to manage (not the same as processor threads) would essentially multiply the current servers workload so depending on how much work a dedicated server would have to do already this could be a simple if time consuming update or could require rewriting and optimizing how the world is updated and generated.

3.) More crew per ship.
It would be good in my opinion to be able to have either secondary officers or redshirts that can do some of the legwork or even share in the role, such as a second science officer can monitor programs and shields while the main uses the sensor dish.

A second weapons officer could either fire a second turret or focus on leading or defending against a boarding party.

pilot is a role that seems to have little purpose to having a second unless shuttles/drones are added and same goes for captain, though maybe a second officer?

Engineers can obviously go around putting out fires and repairing systems managing power systems etc.

even adding redshirt roles could mean you get a few extra people that can transfer into primary roles if that player leaves. people that can press buttons and fire pistols but dont get any talents.

Difficulty: Moderate - Severe
The game is currently built around a 5 player limit, so adding more could tax the current setup too much again this is an assumption based on a guess of how the game is set up

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Re: Suggested Features: Dedicated Server, Expanded Player Li

Post by Paige 404 » Sat May 05, 2018 1:55 am

Dedicated servers have been mentioned here, and "might be in the works".

PvP or any sort of multiplayer beyond the crew we bring with us is beyond the scope of the developers' goals (as stated here), and extremely unlikely to ever happen. Probably gonna have to wait for Star Citizen on that one. ;)

As for expanded crew roles and player size, I'd bet that your suggestion would be more likely to be taken seriously if you suggested specific roles and mechanics.

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Re: Suggested Features: Dedicated Server, Expanded Player Li

Post by Edinstein » Mon May 07, 2018 7:32 pm

1. Dedicated servers are unlikely at this time. It would probably make more sense for a PvP game, but it's a low priority for the project since there's only five player crews and there isn't a persistent galaxy between those games. There may be something we can offer with our final networking solution, but no guarantees.

2. As Paige 404 mentioned, PvP and multiplayer are unfortunately beyond the scope of the project.

3. Since PULSAR was designed and networked around a 5-player cooperative experience, we probably won't expand crew sizes. We have toyed with the idea of offering a special play mode with a larger ship that allows for bigger crews, but it's not a feature we can guarantee will make it in, and if we did ever decide to implement it, it would probably be as bonus content after the game's full release. Hope this clarifies!

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