Main Turret Variety

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Main Turret Variety

Post by SioxerNikita » Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:24 am

Artillery: These are the long range heavy hitters with a LONG charge time. They do hurt when they shoot.
- Energy (Beam): Works like now
- Railgun: Has a decent bit more damage than the Beam, but much much higher kickback, about same charge time as well as a fast projectile but still has projectile travel speed

Automatics: These are the rapid fire weapons, they pepper the area and overwhelm the enemy. Has less, but consistent kickback compared to artillery.
- Energy (Pulse Laser): Not even close to the RoF of the Auto-Cannon but is hit scan but damage scales off with distance. Deals equivalent damage to the Auto-Cannon.
- Auto-Cannon: Extremely high RoF and very low energy use, but... requires ammo, and a lot of it. Not as accurate as the rest of the main weapons. Ammo can be built from scrap.

Close Range: These are the weapons designed for close range engagements. Virtually no kickback.
- Plasma Cannon: Has a low rate of fire, but deals an extreme amount of damage. The large projectile travels rather slowly compared to the other main weapons.
- Flak Cannon: Fires a large amount of small explosives with a decent spread. Is more useful the closer you get, and will outdamage anything if it gets to come up and kiss the enemy hull.

I would get into more details, but I don't think it'd be necessary.
The whole point here is that the main weapon feels... lacking...

Increases the tactical scope of both fighting against and with different main weapons. A main class feature like the Weapon Officers weapon should most definitely have more customizability than a few variations of the exact same gun.

Also having non-energy choices would be nice, but I do believe dividing the main weapons into these three classes and having a projectile and energy of each would be a good idea.

Either way, just a thought, and one I think could benefit the game a lot. Beyond the ammo, it does seem like all of the features necessary for implementation is basically already there.

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