Keeping the Warp Drive charged up.

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Keeping the Warp Drive charged up.

Post by Ghost49X » Sun May 12, 2019 1:19 am

People seem to want the Warp Drive constantly ready to jump. And I was thinking that there should be a disadvantage to this. So far it only costs power or jumps your EM signal when charging yet while holding the charge everything goes back to normal. Meaning ships can go into battle with a fully charged drive without consequences past the early charge part.

Fluff wise, it would be incredibly difficult to finish the warp calculations. Then move around a bunch as you brawl with enemies and not have to recalculate the math upon which you jump light years away.

Warp Drives should cost a baseline of power when fully charged (less than charging but still something to keep the drive running). Also the signal increase from the drive should remain as long as the charge is held.

Furthermore the Warp Jump calculation should be reset if you move. While the calculation and Warp Drive charging could still happen at the same time, it would typically go Charge Drive > align & stop moving > Warp Calculation > Final Prep > Jump.

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Re: Keeping the Warp Drive charged up.

Post by maplealmond » Thu May 23, 2019 5:38 pm

The warp drive charge system as it exists right now is fairly primitive. It works, but engineers are far too likely to want to charge the drive right away because there is no penalty for doing so.

Because warping is so common, I'd honestly love to see a redesign that gets everyone involved. Well, everyone but weapons. My ideal warp drive mechanic would be as follows.

1.) Captain enters in a location to jump to on the map.
2.) Science officer runs a jump calculation. Jump calculations cannot be run without a navigation.
3.) Engineer powers the jump drive. Once at full power, the ship is ready to jump. The drive power charges a little faster than it does currently, but once powered, it needs to be used.
4.) If the pilot is pointed at the warp node, they can activate the warp. The actual final activation belongs to the pilot, as it should be.

This would mean going to warp would require everyone to sync up, instead of it just being a case of pilot pointing at the node and sitting back until engineering says ready.

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