Robot customization

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Robot customization

Post by Geronimo553 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:05 am

Just a few quick suggestions

1. Give us the remaining armor body with the two large plates on each side of the chest.

2. Some more head variants would be great. Something more angled and streamed lined with one eye.

3. We need another darker color for the frame of the robot. I personally really like the dark WD guard robots and we cannot even color the frame like that. The unlocked robot uniform only allows us to change the color of the head and not the body. Which I do enjoy having the head as a separate selectable color option from the body.

4. Robot only arm weapon attachments. I would enjoy seeing an arm rifle or rifle barrels or lasers above the wrist purely for robot use.

5. Please remove the heavy breathing when low on stamina for robots.

6. More cosmetic attachments like antennas, chest plates, batteries, sensors, cameras, and hats. Sentient robots do indeed need hats.

7. Improved stamina and/or weapon accuracy. Robots do not have arm sway and do not tire.

If anyone has any other ideas purely for robots then please share here.
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