Stealth Run

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Stealth Run

Post by mrsandman321 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:42 pm

My friends and I have been playing a game on the Stargazer for a bit now and are loving being sneaky. Cloaked and siphoning credits, gentlemanly welcoming ships so we can take them over, and general sneakiness has been such a blast. We're in the middle of the heist mission and just broke the NPC out of prison and we're just marveling at how much fun we've had in this approach.

This experience has led to a few requests/suggestions:

Extractors being a component one can upgrade with scrap and/or more extractors in the world
Cloak having an off switch rather than needing to kill power or fire gun/probe
(More?) Enemies that have an ability to fight back via viruses so that even if they can't see us, it's tense
Relatedly, a virus that can power down cloaking devices
More sensors for purchase/upgrade in the world/better clarification as to what each one does
An upgrade that allows for multiple fuel cells to be used at once for recharging programs
More contraband missions that make use of the hidden cargo slots
Greater risk of charging jump drives while cloaked
Anti-cloak drones (maybe they fire probes in like 10 directions at once every 10 seconds or something)
Another idea was to tie shields and cloak together so if one is on, the other cannot be
Ship external lights give away position if cloak is on

Basically, a lot of ideas to make cloaking a much more risky experience but not to make it less fun. It just feels like we're safely ensconced in a blue cocoon of invulnerability sometimes? And to keep tension up, some of these updates will make the stealth runs way more variable and interesting.

Mr. Morague
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Re: Stealth Run

Post by Mr. Morague » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:47 pm

I don't think they'll add the ability to improve extractors, as being able to almost always secure even the best components isn't necessarily a good way to make the game interesting.

Viruses seem to act weirdly with a cloaked ship. It seems like you need to have your target selected, possibly locked via sensor/probe array, and then cloak for the highest chance to have the virus work, at least in my experience. Mayhaps an alternative way to launch viruses while cloaked, and conversely an alternative way to launch viruses against a cloaked enemy.

EM sensors detect EM signatures at various ranges. Things like high-powered reactors or jump-drives give off bigger EM signatures making it easier to detect you unless your ship can and is cloaked. RA sensors detect radioactive material, so an armed nuke will tip off your enemies to your position. It's also possible that a warp core that's melting down and/or has been ejected may trigger RA sensors. LF sensors detect anything alive on one's ship, though I'm unsure of it counts robots as life. QP sensors detect quantum properties, though I can't remember what triggers this if anything. My guess is that certain exotic technologies, like the ability that lets Phase Drones phase, will trigger this sensor in the future.

That's seemingly only available to Warp Drives, as the Annihilator's Warp Drive can recharge multiple programs at once if I remember correctly.

More missions are always welcome, though maybe some sort of use for Sundust would also help.

Maybe Jump Drives should charge considerably slower while cloaked?

That could be an interesting idea, though I feel they should have minimal combat abilities in return.

If shields go below 50% or the ship is cloaked with shields less than 50% then the ship will begin to decloak until shields are more full or the ship is no longer cloaked. I feel like this system is a little bit more fair, since if a ship manages to hit you with their probe, then with your system the ship has no way to defend itself against their turrets until your crew turns shields back on.

This doesn't make much sense to me. The current cloak mechanics surrounds the ship in an edged, multi-faced "bubble", somewhat similar to another shield, that seemingly reflects light around it in such a way that it appears nothing is there. Even if the ship's external lights were on, it shouldn't reach the outside of the "bubble" and instead be reflected back at the ship or dissipate.
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