Alternative Gameplay for Hosts

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Mr. Morague
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Alternative Gameplay for Hosts

Post by Mr. Morague » Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:48 am

What if a game host could choose to play as a sort of Game Master instead of captain, allowing someone else to take the role?

As a GM, hosts would have be able to influence what their players see and how the galaxy develops within up to 20 sectors around the ship’s location. This can range from the items found on planets, the amount and type of enemies they may encounter on planets, whether or not and what type of modifier drones will have, and even the ability to coax non-drone ships into changing sectors.

In order to prevent potential exploiting of these features, GMs wouldn’t have omnipotent control over these factors. They have a limited amount of actions per jump, which they spend influencing the sector/s. Even then, what they want to occur specifically only has a chance of happening; if they want something to happen for certain, especially if it’s a specific action like turning a weapon into a +3 version, it will cost more actions.

Actions cannot be wholly detrimental either. A GM cannot change a weapon into a food item, they cannot lower or raise the number of enemies below or above a certain amount, they cannot give multiple drones modifiers, and they can’t warp ships into a sector with 3 other ships, cause drones to warp, or cause a manned ship above 25% Hull health to warp.

In order to keep monotony at bay, GMs are able to take control of a single enemy per jump, or interact with the player ship and other ships as a unique virus. Planetary enemies are limited to standard ones; a GM CANNOT take control of Paladins, Elite Bandits, or Bosses for example. GMs can take control of Drones, but not Manned ships, and while in control of the drone cannot control the weaponry or take/deal collision damage. They aren’t able to take control of Bot Players on ships, but can take control of Infected Crawlers that have boarded the ship. As a virus, they are able to cause damage or repair damage to subsystems over a long amount of time, as well as occasionally causing an effect to occur, like a power flicker or making shields weaker/stronger for a moment.

This, I hope, would add a lot of replay-ability to the game, though I suspect it is far from the scope of it.
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Re: Alternative Gameplay for Hosts

Post by ScottishWizard » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:14 pm

sound like a pretty fun and cool idea mate would be on board with it

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