synchronized crashing on linux client

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synchronized crashing on linux client

Post by FloppyDisk » Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:51 am

both me and one other player running the game on Linux.
the issue happens across re-installs of the game
crashes happen at the exact same time for both players and at a frequency of 1 crash about every 5 mins
numbers in the log possibly due to the fact that the coppied exerts where drawn from different crashes

log files being monitored through game play with the command

cd ~/ .config/unity3d/Leafy\ Games\,\ LLC/PULSAR\ Lost\ Colony && watch -n 1 tac Player.log

[cd ~/ .config/unity3d/Leafy\ Games\,\ LLC/PULSAR\ Lost\ Colony] - moves from home to correct directory for player.log

[&&] - runs second command in same line

[watch -n 1] runs command following once a second

[tac Player.log] - reads the log with the newest lines at the top of the command line. (tac is like cat but swaps the line from newest at the bottom to newest at the top)

player log file looks normal until the crash. the output was the same for both players and happened at exactly the same time

here is what was diaplyed at the time of the crash:

from the other player:
Receiving unhandled NULL exception
#0 0x000000ff980700 in (Unknown)
#1 0x000000ff980d00 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#2 0x000000ff980dd0 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#3 0x000000ff980ee0 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#4 0x000000ff980f30 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#5 0x000000ff9812a0 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#6 0x000000ff9812f0 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#7 0x000000ff981330 in backtrace
#8 0x000000ff981450 in backtrace
#9 0x000000ff9815d0 in backtrace
#10 0x000000ff981780 in backtrace
#11 0x000000ff981800 in operator delete(void*)
#12 0x000000ff9818f0 in (Unknown)
#13 0x000000ff981930 in (Unknown)
#14 0x000000ff981950 in (Unknown)
#15 0x000000ff981c60 in (Unknown)
#16 0x000000ff981cc0 in (Unknown)
#17 0x000000ff982050 in (Unknown)
#18 0x000000ff983270 in (Unknown)
#19 0x000000ff9832b0 in mono_set_defaults
#20 0x000000ff983300 in mono_runtime_invoke
#21 0x000000ff983330 in operator delete(void*)
#22 0x000000ff983350 in operator delete(void*)
#23 0x000000ff983390 in operator delete(void*)
#24 0x000000ff9834c0 in operator delete(void*)
#25 0x000000ff983500 in operator delete(void*)
#26 0x000000ff983520 in operator delete(void*)
#27 0x000000ff983550 in zcfree
#28 0x000000ff983ab0 in __libc_start_main
#29 0x000000ff983b20 in zcfree

from me:
#29 0x000000ffb60660 in zcfree
#28 0x000000ffb605f0 in __libc_start_main
#27 0x000000ffb60090 in zcfree
#26 0x000000ffb60060 in operator delete(void)
#25 0x000000ffb60040 in operator delete(void)
#24 0x000000ffb60000 in operator delete(void)
#23 0x000000ffb5fed0 in operator delete(void)
#22 0x000000ffb5fe90 in operator delete(void)
#21 0x000000ffb5fe70 in operator delete(void)
#20 0x000000ffb5fe40 in mono_runtime_invoke
#19 0x000000ffb5fdf0 in mono_set_defaults
#18 0x000000ffb5fdb0 in (Unknown)
#17 0x000000ffb5eb90 in (Unknown)
#16 0x000000ffb5e800 in (Unknown)
#15 0x000000ffb5e7a0 in (Unknown)
#14 0x000000ffb5e490 in (Unknown)
#13 0x000000ffb5e470 in (Unknown)
#12 0x000000ffb5e430 in (Unknown)
#11 0x000000ffb5e340 in operator delete(void*)
#10 0x000000ffb5e2c0 in backtrace
#9 0x000000ffb5e110 in backtrace
#8 0x000000ffb5df90 in backtrace
#7 0x000000ffb5de70 in backtrace
#6 0x000000ffb5de30 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#5 0x000000ffb5dde0 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#4 0x000000ffb5da70 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#3 0x000000ffb5da20 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#2 0x000000ffb5d910 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#1 0x000000ffb5d840 in physx::Cm::CmEventNameProvider::~CmEventNameProvider()
#0 0x000000ffb5d240 in (Unknown)
Receiving unhandled NULL exception

mine is inverted due to the use of the tac command

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Re: synchronized crashing on linux client

Post by Edinstein » Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:08 pm

Thanks for the report!

From what we can tell, there's a good chance the problem is originating within PhysX which may suggest an issue with your installed drivers, perhaps you can try updating them? If that doesn't help, we might be able to learn more if you sent us a bit more info regarding your setup. (Current drivers, graphics card, specific OS, etc).

We also might be able to learn more if you email us the full player log (Instructions here:

The next update includes a core engine upgrade and multiple updates to various plugins which may also help, but we can't guarantee.


Re: synchronized crashing on linux client

Post by FloppyDisk » Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:08 am

OS'es: LinuxMint, Ubuntu18, Ubuntu19, FedoraWorkstation.
GPU's: GTX1660TI, GTX970, GTX980
GpuDriverVers: 440.31, 418, 390
CPU: intel 9600K, intel 6700k
this would happen every 5-30 min with any linux users in the game crashing. tested across multiple users with multiple installs of linux. both windows and linux hosts. the host would photon DC.
unfortunately do not have a player log file with the crash but i will update when the next one happens.
also to mention. it does not always happen. but if it happens once in the session it will continue to happen. the relevant part of log file was mentioned. but i will attach a player.log when the crashes happen again.

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