Hostile NPC behaviour

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Hostile NPC behaviour

Post by Fitzorai » Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:09 pm

I just wanted to start talking about some constant irritating problems when fighting hostile enemies with guns, I want to talk about two in particular,

When you're inside an enemy space ship, the enemy crew will very often run inside of you which is incredibly disorientating, it causes me to miss them and then I have to rotate around to find them which of course, lets the enemy crew member get about an extra three to four hits on me than they should have.

The second is enemies from very, very far distances getting 100% accurate shots on you while being over 1km out, all the while charging towards you like Usain Bolt. This one I complain about because it isn't very fair, it takes me longer to aim and shoot them because of their great distance, but ontop of that unless I eat a carrot biscuit I have to stand perfectly still to get accurate shots, yet enemies can run at full speed and shoot perfectly despite the fact that if they were a player, their sprinting would cause their crosshairs to bloom so wide that it not only reaches the edges of the screen, but it goes further out into real life which causes your heavy laser pistol to shoot your cat on the windowsill behind your PC monitor.

Anyone else have any issues with hostile NPC behaviour that I haven't mentioned, anyone else have these same problems?

(BTW, I love the new update on the skyboxes! Best update ever.)

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Re: Hostile NPC behaviour

Post by EngBot » Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:52 pm

Having the Enemy crew and mob AI be closer to normal fighting and less pistol sniping or no collision shotgun rushing would be nice
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