Beta 29.1 Release Notes

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Beta 29.1 Release Notes

Post by cptslog » Sat May 09, 2020 6:46 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 29.1 is now available! It is focused on bug fixes with some changes to missiles and AI priorities in saved games

  • Load game menu now provides an option to reset the AI priorities and automatically enables it if newer defaults are detected
  • Missile tooltips now show more info
  • Missiles now increase their damage when upgraded
  • Error message should now appear when a player attempts to join a Secured game without being logged into Steam
  • Processor Shop now includes Overcharge Processors (may require new galaxy)

  • Fixed High Roller Fragment bug related to coolant refill causing broken coolant screen / incorrect refills
  • High Roller Fragment notification now shows actual coolant refill amount (15%) rather than (25%)
  • Fixed Commander Fragment issue with upgraded hulls not repairing correctly
  • Fixed issue with internal virus components being dropped on ship destruction
  • Fixed issue with shopkeepers and stores that could cause de-sync and other problems
  • Fixed issue with black hole sectors that caused performance issues and collision issues with asteroids
  • Fixed issue with High Rollers if ship warped while a player was playing Liar’s Dice
  • Fixed some small internal errors reported by the analytics system

Thanks for your reports and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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