QDI-FIX processor being useless and processors ideas

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QDI-FIX processor being useless and processors ideas

Post by Limonespremuto » Mon Jun 22, 2020 5:34 pm

QDI-FIX are useless the only reason they are good is that you can sell them
they are also overshadowed by the overpowered auto repair module talent that the engineer has

the QDI-FIX coud do the same as a auto repair module at the cost of power and auto repair module could be removed
making it more usefull as well as giving more choice to players and varaity on enemy ships

for other processors
these programs "spawns" BOT (like boarding bot) on ship whit a varaiety of function based on the processor
there BOT can be repaired whit the repair gun or repari 5hp per second after not taking damage after 5s and 25 after 10s
possible ones:
BOT-REPAIR; after 20s of charging spawns a repair bot on the owner ship that repair system and estinguish fires
(200HP 5Armor +1per upgrade +10repair/estinguish speed per upgrade)
BOT-DEFENDER after 20s of charging spawn a defender bot that patroll the ship and attaks intuiders
(200HP +20 per upgrade 10Armor +2 per upgrade increased fire rate per upgrade)
BOT-BOARDER; send a boarding bot on all hostile ship whitout QD the bot decrease rate of fire as less energy is given after being destroyed requires 20s of charging
(250HP 10Armor +1 per upgrade increased fire rate per upgrade)
BOT-HELPER; follow injured crew member and heals them also follows the captain on planets, planetary enemy ingore the bot
(150HP 0Armor increased speed whit upgrades)

whit this a program comes in as
BOT overloader; instanly recharge all bot and gives them 25 additional Armor for 20s

i have acumulated 500 hours now im glad i could help whit feedback

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