Beta 29.6 Release Notes

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Beta 29.6 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:16 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 29.6 is now available. It’s a small update focused on fixing a few bugs that have been reported.

  • Skipping warp jump should be more reliable. Made some changes to reinforce parts of the level loading scripts. We’re continuing to test and gather information on this issue. If anyone continues to experience this, please let us know and perhaps send us a Player.log file.
  • Fixed input issue with the VR pointer that caused it to hit improper targets
  • Teleportation screen: some changes to help prevent some issues reported from analytics
  • Fixed some internal issues that could cause some missions to be improperly assigned

Thanks for your reports and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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