Stacked mines and bugs

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Stacked mines and bugs

Post by Limonespremuto » Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:10 pm

there seems to be mines that can explode multiple times in graveyard sector this requires multiple shot to take all of them down and hitting a mine coud mean instant death.

when you claim a new ship you are unable to disable auto targeing (sets itself on after 1 frame or so)
and require a restart or a reload of the save to fix it. related to this, when loading in a claimed ship will cause the crew to change their crew dress to the faction that owns the ship EXP: if im AOG and i claim a FB ship and then reload the save my crew wil have the FB suits works for silv and robot too.

there sems to be some bug whit AI behaviour and how they can teleport into arena after dyng by using F4 waypoing allowing 1 single crew member to stay alive and use the waypoing as a reinforcement.

ship are careless of you crew alingment and will ail you as threatning even tho you are not flagged and you are just on a ship that dont belong to your allingment.

More personal than a bug:
AOG reputation is almost useless and there is a high scarsity of flagged ship expetialy outside GH BH mission
make the Estate use discount based on AOG rep after all is a AOG ship

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