Faction ships are hostile to unregistered ships

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Faction ships are hostile to unregistered ships

Post by justinjah91 » Mon Jul 11, 2022 11:20 am

Bug Report
OS: Windows 10
Game Version: 1.18.6
Date and Time Encountered (DD/MM/YY, HH:MM (12h format)): 11/07/22, 10:00 AM US Central
Possible Conflicting Software (such as firewalls and anti-virus): None
Severity: Severe
Description of Bug: I know that the sun circler is supposed to be a challenge, but this is a bit crazy. Every single crewed ship that I encounter (U.S.S. NAME, The NAME, Unit #, Div #) is automatically hostile and refuses to communicate via comms. This is all without provocation. I have +10 rep with CU and yet every Roland, Intrepid, and Outrider that I encounter is automatically hostile. I'm not flagged, and have tried revealing my crew rep. This has had no effect. I can see AOG being hostile, being pirates and all, but shouldn't there be a chance to negotiate? CU should definitely not be attacking civilians. As it stands, the captain skills of diplomacy and intimidation are pointless on this ship, since you never actually get to communicate with another ship.

Steps to Reproduce: Start the game in a suncircler or interceptor. Note that the ship registration reads AOG. Save your game, exit to main menu, then reload the save. You ship registration should now say "No Faction" and all crewed ships that you encounter should now immediately be hostile. CU drones IME are not hostile.

Possible Workaround: None

Notes: This happens to both the sun circler and the interceptor, though it should be noted that (for some reason) a new game in either of these ships starts off with the ship being registered to AOG. During this time, other ships are friendly. This ship registration reverts to "No Faction" once the game is saved and reloaded. I believe this factionless status is the true culprit. Also note that this only seems to be an issue with crewed ships. CU drones do not seem to be immediately hostile.

Hardware Configuration:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 4600H
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650
Motherboard: HP Pavilion 570 Slimline 270 Series Intel Socket LGA1151

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