What is the First Ball Kick-off Bet? How to Win Consistently

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What is the First Ball Kick-off Bet? How to Win Consistently

Post by reborn » Tue May 30, 2023 11:51 pm

One lesser-known but highly effective form of betting is the First Ball Kick-off bet. If you're new to sports betting, you may not have heard of this type of bet. However, it's a simple betting option with the opportunity to win rewards from wintips that you shouldn't overlook.

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What is the First Ball Kick-off Bet?
The First Ball Kick-off bet, also known as the kick-off bet, is a type of bet where players predict which team will have the first ball kick-off when the match begins. The result of this bet is determined immediately after the opening whistle, without having to wait too long.
The choice of which team gets the first ball kick-off is not related to whether they are playing at home or away, nor does it depend on their ranking or form. In fact, the decision of which team gets the first ball kick-off is based on luck, determined by the toss of a coin by the referee.
Due to the reliance on luck in determining the first ball kick-off, this can be considered a "test your luck" type of bet that some players use to gauge their fortunes before placing bets on major matches. However, there is still a basis for prediction or winning in this bet. The key is to know how to "read" the bet and seek information to make accurate predictions.

How is the First Ball Kick-off Bet Calculated?
This bet has two options for placing a bet: the home team or the away team, with a 50/50 chance of winning. Although the odds are not significantly different, the home team usually has lower odds because they often have the first ball kick-off. The odds selected are Asian Handicap odds, so the calculation of the bet is quite simple:
If you choose the correct team for the first ball kick-off and win the bet: Winnings=Bet Amount x Odds (including both the bet amount and profit).
If you choose the wrong team for the first ball kick-off and lose the bet: Losses will be equal to the bet amount itself.

How to Play the First Ball Kick-off Bet Accurately
The First Ball Kick-off bet is placed before the match starts because the result is determined immediately after the opening whistle. During the bookmakers' betting window, you need to follow these steps:

Choose the team you predict will have the first ball kick-off.
Place your bet and confirm your ticket.
When the system confirms "Success," it means your bet has been accepted. However, when playing this bet, you need to remember some rules for the First Ball Kick-off bet, as follows:
Once the match is underway, the bet will be voided, so you need to time your bet appropriately. Otherwise, your bet will be deemed "Invalid." It's best to place your bet at least 4-5 hours before the match starts.
According to the regulations, if the match is canceled before it starts, the bet will be considered "Invalid," and the stake will be refunded to the player.
If the match has already started but is canceled before the full 90 minutes, the bet will still be considered valid.
In the case of a change in venue, schedule, or inaccurate information provided, the bet will be deemed "Invalid."

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The most accurate experience in playing the handicap bet
As mentioned earlier, many people consider the handicap bet as a form of gambling, playing based on intuition without conducting detailed analysis before placing bets. However, this approach is not entirely useless; the problem lies in not knowing how to apply it. Here are some of the most accurate experiences in playing the handicap bet to give you a chance to win big:

Home and away factors
Although flipping a coin may involve luck, paying attention to the home and away factors is also justified. Statistics show that in 60-70% of matches, the home team will receive the opening kickoff. Therefore, when in doubt about which team to choose, you should opt for the home team.

Check the head-to-head history of the two teams
The history of previous matches not only helps us assess the strength of each team but also provides information about which team received the opening kickoff, played at home or away, and the winning and losing ratios of each team in those matches. All of this information is useful for making predictions for the kickoff bet.

Get detailed information about the referee
Similar to the booking bet, the referee can influence the outcome of the match. You should consider how the referee will control the match. Then, check the information about the last 5-7 matches that this referee has officiated, see which team received the opening kickoff and other factors. This is one of the most reliable data sources, helping you place the kickoff bet with over 80% accuracy that cannot be overlooked.

Multiply the kickoff bets on day 5
Although you should not bet on many other matches, for the kickoff bet, you should prepare capital to play 5 consecutive matches in the same day and apply the progressive staking strategy.
First: Choose the right team to place the bet, preferably the home team.
Then, bet the money: If the previous match wins, bet on the next match on the same side. If the previous match loses, double the bet until there is a win and then stop the betting streak.
Based on the statistical analysis of the current football season, the team with a higher kickoff ratio is a good choice for investment in the bet.
Limit playing the kickoff bet
In the following cases, you should limit playing the kickoff bet:
When luck is not on your side.
When not placing combination bets.
When you don't want to go overboard.

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The above is all the necessary information about what the kickoff bet is and how to play it. From this, you can see that the majority of players believe that the kickoff bet is purely a matter of luck. However, if you apply the aforementioned experiences in playing the kickoff bet correctly at reputable bookmakers, you will achieve incredibly high results and gain a better understanding of this betting method.

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Re: What is the First Ball Kick-off Bet? How to Win Consistently

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Re: What is the First Ball Kick-off Bet? How to Win Consistently

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