Voting Guidelines - General Theme

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Voting Guidelines - General Theme

Post by Edinstein » Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:59 pm

Hello everyone!

It’s time to vote on the main theme and setting for the Community Designed Hub!
We’ve compiled a list of the submissions we believe are feasible with the time and resources we have and that fit the universe and lore of PULSAR! While a number of the submissions were really good, we couldn’t add them to the approved submissions due to reasons regarding scale or universe / lore complications. If your submission wasn’t chosen and you’d like to know why, you can email us.

Voting is easy. Simply send an email to using the following template:

Subject: Hub Vote
Message: Name or ID of the hub you want to see in the game!

In one week we will compile all of the votes and announce the winner in the next devlog!

After that, development will begin on the hub itself, and you all be able to vote on the direction we take every major step of the way, from the layouts, the theme of the decor, to the lighting! We plan on implementing an in-game cheat code that will allow you to visit the hub while it’s in development to help provide us with valuable feedback!

We are super excited to begin working on this with you all, so below you will see the approved submissions! While we included a few sentences from each submission to help people get a rough concept, we highly encourage you all to visit the thread to learn more about each idea!

HUB 01 - The Raceway
“A half-rundown station in space, the Raceway isn't anything to look at. It has a a few shops, and an observation dome, but the real attraction is the arrangement of large rings laid out around it, and the races that are held there.”

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1241

HUB 02 - Cornelia Station
“Cornelia Station is the goto-vacation getaway for absolutely nobody; because it is, in fact, a number of derelict ships welded together and named a space station. Here at Cornelia Station, you can find a shop to sell almost anything, seeing as it has no running leadership, and is an entirely independent and anarchic slum-station. Vendors of all shapes and sizes, moralities, or dispositions can be found, and all sorts of scavenging quests can be attained here.”

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1249

HUB 03 - The Automated Arboretum
“From the distance, this floating space center seems like a large blue-glass pyramid, with a thick metal base. From up close, players can see the base is covered by lush forests and a lake, and the blue-tinted glass is well-lit as to approximate a sky.”

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1240

HUB 04 - General Concept: Water/Underwater City
We received a number of various ideas regarding water planets and cities. We decided to combine all of these idea into a single submission with the plan to iron out the details later! Below you can see a number of the submissions.

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1270
Link to thread: ... =14&t=1261
Link to thread: ... =14&t=1277

HUB 05 - United Factions
“This United Factions hub would function along the lines of how the United Nations works, and something of a compromise to the Colonial Federation failing to have everyone under its jurisdiction. Every faction is allowed in, including the Alliance. Its purpose is diplomatic and to give a voice even to dissenting factions. Diplomats and emissaries would be found there. Missions could be given to the players based on random intergalactic incidents that could be happening.”

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1335

HUB 06 - Gentry’s Haven
“To the casual observer Haven looks like a run down mining rig, with various ships docked to it clamped on to a massive asteroid. Those who are granted passage can make their way down inside the asteroid itself, to admire the glistening rock formations, chaotic lifestyle and a strange modified reactor that is nigh undetectable. How exactly the reactor works is a closely guarded secret. A relative peace is maintained by heavy handed goons under employment by the Gentlemen, though they have been known to look the other way for the right price.”

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1423

HUB 07 - Station 0x194
“The hub consists of refugees from other galaxies, trying to get home since the Colonial Union cut access to the rest of the network. Since a warp network is required to get home, many people in this station are working on finding exploits in the Colonial Union's warp system. If they can find a security vulnerability, they intend to make a mad-dash to the warp gate and re-activate it, hoping to get in the warp stream before the Union can close it again.” - Quick note: Leaving the galaxy could likely become an alternate win condition if this hub is chosen.

Link to thread: ... =14&t=1448

We’ve had quite a lot of great submissions that didn’t make this list for a number of reasons, however a few interesting concepts arose from these discussions that we may end up expanding on in some other way.

Thank you all for taking the time to submit your ideas and for voting!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Voting Guidelines - General Theme

Post by feartheway » Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:51 am

they all sound awesome! i think any form of social interaction that gets the multiplayer aspect going is going to be a hit. its like throwing a dart at a dart board covered in bulls eyes.

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Re: Voting Guidelines - General Theme

Post by lisadsouza » Wed Feb 21, 2024 9:08 am

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