Beta 31 Release Notes - New ship, faction and campaign!

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Beta 31 Release Notes - New ship, faction and campaign!

Post by Edinstein » Fri Apr 23, 2021 1:35 pm

Hey everyone!

Devlog 89:

Beta 31 is out! This update adds a new smaller campaign that can be played instead of the main Lost Colony campaign. It’s a shorter story that explores a new faction, the Polytechnic Federation, a group of sentient robots that have risen from the scrapped and discarded remnants on a waste planet. Don’t let their home fool you--their technology is quite formidable. It is so advanced, in fact, that the W.D. Corporation is out for your parts, and some Alliance of Gentlemen crews wouldn’t mind the payday that your ship would bring them.

The story of this campaign is a fairly simple one; while the inhabitants of the galaxy are hunting for the Lost Colony, they’re unaware of the grave threat heading toward them. The Polytechnic Federation has noticed and is preparing to meet this threat. The goal of this campaign is to get strong enough to face the approaching threat.

Since this is an isolated story that is separate from the main campaign, we decided to try twisting up some of the conventional gameplay expectations. A few of the major tweaks include:
Quick Swap: The ability to swap nearly every ship component as well as upgrade them at any time.
Screens built from scrap: The ship was built from scrapped parts, so to further emphasise this, the screens are also unconventionally built and presented.
The Timer: The Unseen Threat is approaching. It doesn’t wait for you. This campaign introduces a timer that counts down after your ship makes its first jump. We think this adds an oppressive feel to the story; the timer is always counting down, so each decision becomes quite important. We know that this timer might be unwelcome to some players, so we built in a way to disable it in the settings. Doing so will track the number of jumps you make, using that as a countdown instead of real time. We still recommend trying the actual timer if possible.

This update is the last content-focused update for PULSAR’s Beta! We’re pretty excited to share it with you. Our focus over the next series of updates (Beta 31.x) is to fix bugs, add polish, and make improvements where we can to get the game ready for 1.0!

  • New campaign: The Unseen Threat
  • New playable ship: The Paladin-Class Starship
  • New component type: Polytech Module
  • New component: P.T. Module: Shields
  • New component: P.T. Module: Damage
  • New component: P.T. Module: Quantum Charger
  • New component: P.T. Module: Rapid Assembly
  • New component: P.T. Module: Crew Repair Nano-bots
  • New component: P.T. Module: Thrust
  • New cutscene: Polytechnic Federation Intro
  • New cutscene: Polytechnic Federation Ending
  • New Mission: The Compiler
  • New Mission (x6): Technology Ready For Deployment
  • New AI priority override: All crewmembers are robots
  • New sector: P.T. Hub
  • New sector: Horizon Bridge
  • 13 new NPCs added at P.T. Hub
  • 4 new Polytechnic music tracks
  • 3 new Unseen music tracks
  • 4 new general combat music tracks
  • 2 New Robot body types - Made in the Polytech style
  • 5 New Robot head types - Made in the Polytech style
  • Fires from screens and systems will no longer be created when the ship’s O2 level is zero (they would exist for a short period of time before) (Heat volumes and star sectors will still create fires the old way)
  • Default AI priorities updated to add better handling for EngBot on crews that don’t require O2
  • Added icon for main turrets
  • Unlocked ships will now show the requirements to unlock them until you click / open them
  • Warp drive screen now shows the name of the sector rather than just the sector number

  • Fixed issue with repair depot comms that could result in an incorrect repair cost
  • Non-human characters no longer consume O2 on ships
  • Default AI priorities updated to fix over-prioritization of repairing crewmates
  • VR occlusion issues on Lost Colony should no longer happen
  • Fixed rendering issue with data fragments rendering on top of the ship log UI
  • Fixed an input issue that could temporarily prevent mouse clicks from registering in certain menus
  • Fixed an issue with scrapyards that would show a reputation discount when none was applicable
Possible Spoilers
  • New sector: [Spoiler] Unseen Mothership
  • New enemy ship: [Spoiler] Unseen Fighter
  • New enemy: [Spoiler] Adjunct Guardian
  • New mechanic: [Spoiler] Green Fires
Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team



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