Beta 31.03 Release Notes

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Beta 31.03 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Wed Apr 28, 2021 4:11 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 31.03 is now out!

  • Gamepads can use the on-screen keyboard to type into the chat box by clicking the chat box
  • Gamepads can now access the Ship Component Overview screen by pressing left on the d-pad - will require keybindings to be reset
  • New key-binding for Keyboard and Mouse setup allows for direct access to the Ship Component Overview screen (V) - will require keybindings to be reset
  • Added ambient music to the main menu
  • Two new general ambient music tracks should now currently play in the game
  • Added the ability to back out of the virtual keyboard
  • Improved the Kick Button: There is now a separate Ban and Kick button for the host.
  • Added captain notification noting when the ship shuts down due to active virus limit
  • Added options to assign keybindings for direct maneuvering thrusters for HOTAS setups - will require keybindings to be reset
  • Slight visual improvements to the Main Menu background
  • Sitting Duck virus will now disable pilot boost charging
  • The Captain’s Scavenger talent should now properly work at the 10% rate per rank instead of the incorrect 5%.
  • Fixed an issue with which moons could sometimes cast strange shadows onto planets
  • Fixed an error with bot pathfinding that was noticed in analytics
  • Fixed an internal error that was noticed in analytics
  • Fixed a few problematic probe pickup areas on asteroids
  • Fixed an issue where ships could blind jump to hidden sectors that weren’t available yet (i.e. The Wasted Wing)
The Unseen Threat (possible spoilers)
  • Fixed an issue with the P.T. Module: Thrust used coolant when it should not have
  • The “Strike Window is now Open” mission should properly reference the playership’s name.
Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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